Poster Upgrade

Liking where the flash is falling in that last pic.

I’d love to put up the Kure-nai poster, but I’m currently in my parents’ house, and the Kure-nai poster is one of a naked seven-year-old taking a bath. I mean, I’m already pushing it with the Kojika and Yotsunoha posters. I also ordered the March Megami from J-List because it had that poster of Kokonoe Rin covered in nothing but chocolate. Won’t be able to put that one up, either.

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20 Responses to Poster Upgrade

  1. bixnood says:

    fap fap fap ‘wish i had the guts to poster up my room like your’s

  2. Orange says:

    I think after all those posters one Kure-nai picture isn’t going to shock them…

    Bigger picture of first Zero no Tsukaima poster would be really really neat. Want.

  3. Orange says:

    Thanks a lot.

  4. JustDJR says:

    need privileged danbooru acct :(

    And yeah, your posters are quite risky as it is, i dont think any single poster will somehow push the collection over the edge. That being said, my walls are bare, so my opnion might not be that valueable heh

  5. digitalboy says:

    I think I’ll get that mag, some good stuff I’m seeing

  6. Jusuchin says:

    You’re lucky you can even hang posters. I was told to box my few 1:144 Gundam Models in my own room by my parents because every time a relative comes over, I get kicked out of my room and to the basement.

    They reason that if there will be anything in my room, it’ll be my books, and my M3 Bradley Linebacker model. They consider it taboo enough I have Gunslinger Girl all lined up neatly in my bookshelf.

    So a poster is out of the unspoken question.

  7. Jusuchin says:

    Correction: M3A3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle. M6 is Linebacker….

    Wished there was a damned edit button…or I proofread before I press submit.

  8. roast-beefy says:

    You know your mother is reading this right now anyways. Just put up the damn lolicon posters.

  9. TheBigGSN5 says:

    >>need privileged danbooru acct :(

    -No, it’s the Rin picture that you can’t see without an account.

  10. roast-beefy says:

    >-No, it’s the Rin picture that you can’t see without an account.

  11. DarkEdgar says:

    Most “normal” people take loli kinda badly… So, yeah, I understand why you can’t hang that up.

    Oh, and…


  12. roast-beefy says:

    >Your link doesn’t work Beefy

    Wtf, Works for me every time, even when I’m not logged in.

  13. e-imi says:

    I have Megami posters all over my room, however my mother has to screen them for when my Grandma comes to stay. So I have a ton of left over posters waiting to be put up.

    Also, what does everyone use to hang their posters? I’ve been using stickytack, but it leaves oily marks on my posters after a while. I don’t want to use tape either because I don’t want them to rip. Any suggestions?

  14. rockeranimefreak says:

    Posters! I only have a few old Newtype posters in my room and a single wallscroll… bah! when I turn 18 in a couple of days I will get a job and buy a bunch from j-list or something.

  15. MoYFan says:

    Wow, that Rin poster is very umm……..just………kind of ……….implies that……

  16. MoYFan says:

    So wildarms,

    You can put up posters like the Kanokon ones and the Zero No Tsukaima one where they are in there underwear but you don’t want too put up your Rin or your other lolilicious posters what’s up with that lol

    Anyways The Rin poster………she wants…………something that is…………

  17. MephistophelesReborn says:

    Jee, long time no see, uh?

    You sure are brave for decorating your room like that.

    Unfortunately, I have chosen a career path that relies on credibility and social approval (medicine), so no posters for me…

    On the other hand, I keep a huge anime collection hidden and I have mastered the art of hiding my powerlevel.