Comic Site Rant: “I feel as though nobility and the kindness of man are being trampled”

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I’m surprised my last comic was so well received, considering I thought it read something like an advertisement. I guess people can relate. The art in that comic was ok– I like how some things turned out, but overall it was slightly below-average. I hope everyone enjoyed the fanservice (that I totally ripped from ZSZS) though. The current comic up looks slightly worse, but that said I redrew it something like three times. My job/job training really threw me and it’s affected my drawing for some reason. I’ll shape up by comic 100. You’ll notice that Tina is wearing something she wore previously and that Rets is wearing a new shirt. Someone brought up in the comments for the last one that Tina changes clothes in each comic and Rets has been wearing the same shirts for forever. I was planning on having Tina reuse outfits at some point, but designing new ones each week just became too much fun…

The site was mentioned in various places on the web again, and these plugs were noteworthy enough to post about. The first one is in the Friendster journal of some mentally challenged little girl. I think it’s hilarious when people take my joke posts seriously, and even more hilarious when they think I look like a stereotypical nerd. I love it. The next one is a plug in a Japanese blog which seems to have found me via that Ascii Weekly article. The best part is how he warns middle school kids and lower not to go on my site since it’s foreign. lawls.

In further site news, I got a Twitter on a whim. As you can see, I’ve integrated it into the site sidebar, but I’d like an RSS widget thing that doesn’t advertise itself. Anyone know any good ones? Also, I’d like to know how to make this appear on the blog.

Finished Cromartie High School yesterday, and it was ok. I’ve only read four volumes of the manga (and need more) but I really like how the original handles itself better. The anime tended towards surrealism, whereas the manga was straight up realism with very absurd things happening, which I find funnier. This isn’t to say that the anime’s bad, because it’s generally entertaining, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to the manga. Also, what’s up with ADV’s subs? Do punks really use the word “fudging”? I mean, if you’re going to use an expletive in your translation, don’t half-ass it. This is especially irritating when I know that ADV drops the F-Bomb in their English dubs all the time.

I also finished Nurse Witch Komugi the other day. Some may remember when I started it, but now I’ve finally secured the last volume and have finished it. I would say I should have seen this years ago, but if I watched this years ago I’d totally miss the Tiger Mask reference in episode three or four. This show is crawling with classic anime references, and I love it. It also really helps that Komugi is adorable, and the show’s generally fun and cheery atmosphere makes it a joy to watch. I’ll be moving on to Magikarte Z soon.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully a comic 100 will happen next week, but if it doesn’t then expect it the week after next. I really want it to look good!