First comment on Pixiv

Some guy left a comment about my new Nagi pic:


Funny thing is, I have some of his work favourited on Danbooru…!

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6 Responses to First comment on Pixiv

  1. meganeshounen says:

    Did he just reprimand you for making your Nagi pic a bit too…. risque? LOL

  2. My best translation is: To make a 13 year old with that kind of appearance isn’t good… lol

  3. meganeshounen says:

    Meh. He should know that there are a lot of girls younger than Nagi that have NSFW-er poses than that.


  4. omo says:

    that’s pretty awesome man

  5. Hinano says:

    LOL. XD
    Btw I joined pixiv as well. My nickname on there “hinano” as always.
    My first comment was umm “A teasing younger sister can be a high level of moe as well” (in reference to my pic of Miku sitting on top of Kaito an stealing his ice cream.)

  6. Link says:

    Haha, nice job.