97 wip

I kind of like how this one is looking

Overall pretty happy with progress so far. There are probably lots of small problems, but the biggest is Rets’ thumb when he’s holding up his two fingers. I learned later on that thumbs don’t bend like that. I’ve been drawing them like that for a while, so I better fix that in the future. Rets’ expression at the end is also dumb, but he’s delivering a dumb punchline so it’s ok. The humour in this comic isn’t really derived from the main script, anyway.

Shading’s a lot easier to put down when I just go at it with the pencil tool. I should just do that from now on. It’s less smooth than using the pentool, but it’s easier to get what I want and it looks fine at a distance.

Pretty happy with Tina’s outfit. I think I pulled off something that looks moe yet at the same time has an air of realism about it. A lot better than what I did in comic… 95?