Birthday Day Haul 08

Party was good. Got see lots of friends I don’t get to see that often anymore. Got lots of clothes, but I needed them. All my pants have holes in them, and not in the cool places. Also got some money, and some small anime-related items, too…

Air volumes 3+4 and Gundam Musou are on the way as well.

Of course the biggest present I got was my new computer about a week ago.

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2 Responses to Birthday Day Haul 08

  1. BrendantheJedi says:

    Gundam Musou’s an allright game that gets a lot of help from fan service (this time in the form of quotes and situational irony in the game’s “Original Mode”). The only things I can really say against the game is that a) that the gameplay gets really repeative, b) that even on the Japanese audio, the game’s soundtrack has been modified to remove any traditional Gundam music, which includes Domon Kashuu’s awesome God Finger music and the music Kamille fights Scirroco with, and c) the fact that one can kill 350 MS with Amuro Ray in the battle of Jaburo, while canoncally there were only 60-80 MS in the Zeon attack force. Other than that, I’ve found that Gundam Musou has been an enjoyable experience.

  2. moonspeaker says:

    Yeah, BrendantheJedi said basically everything I was about to concerning Gundam Musuo. It’s still really fun though, especially in bursts.

    When it came to Air I skipped out on volume four and bought the movie to fill the artbox instead…I just didn’t care for a review episode and a few summer special episodes is all (disc 3 is the end of the main show).