Comic Site Rant: Cucumber!

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This comic is pretty horrible in every way, but at least I got to draw the gununu face! Aside from that though, the rest sucks. Especially that last panel. I actually had to edit that so it’d look less like ass, if you can imagine that. I do like how the background in that one turned out, though. Still messing around with a new template for the comic– I just switched comic construction to 300 dpi (I always do character art in 300 dpi, but constructing the comic was done in 72 dpi before now), so I figured I may as well change the layout a bit too. It’s a work in progress. This comic took ages for some reason. Maybe because it’s 7 panels. Next comic will be 2 panels because I’m lazy.

Answerman linked me for some reason, and it’s been brining in decent traffic. Not as good a StumbleUpon link, but decent. Not sure how I feel about ANN readers here, since I think I go against everything that site stands for, but so long as people stay I’m cool.

If you’ve been following the blog you would know that I just got my new computer (and no, it’s not the one pictured here. That’s the old one.) It’s great. Photoshop never slows down and I can watch highres subs! There are however bugs that need to be worked out. Two somewhat big ones, to be exact. One problem is that now I have trouble playing normal res videos in full screen! This trouble isn’t anything major, but it’s annoying. See, when I play any sort of normal res 16:9 video in full screen, I get little bits of noise– jumpy bits of horizontal white/black lines that flicker all over the screen randomly. It’s not totally distracting, but it happens often enough throughout playback that it’s annoying. I messed with a bunch of things starting with the video card drivers– when I uninstall the drivers, the videos play fine. Of course, I can’t leave my drivers uninstalled since that causes a bunch of other problems. Another thing I tried was changing screen resolution, and it seems that if I have the screen resolution set to anything under 1152×864, things work fine. But, I can’t do that since I like my resolution at 1280×1024. I’m sure there are other people out there with my same setup (that being, a computer with XP Pro and an ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 128MB video card) and I’m wondering if they had this same issue and how they got around it. THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED. The other issue is with Firefox and my DanbooruUp extension not auto-completing tags. I have no idea how to fix that, though.

Anyway, I need to cut things short since I have a large backlog of anime to get through. Until next week…!