You can think, talk and breath Poke’mon

Here’s how it happened: One of the pencil boards taped up on my wall fell down behind the shelf, and while I was moving the shelf away from the wall to get the thing, this ancient piece of paper from elementary school slipped out.

See, Pokemon was fucking hot like 10 years ago. So hot that my school (and probably many others) banned it since it was interfering with stuff. As such, they did this– the “Pokemon Festival” in which one could, as the sheet says “think, talk and breath Poke’mon.” Honestly, the experience must not have been terribly memorable, since I can only remember it now because of this little slice of the past that I happened to trip over. I was sure into those Pokemon back then, though. I still have my 5 billion cards stored away some place. I could probably sell them all for like 50 cents or something.

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8 Responses to You can think, talk and breath Poke’mon

  1. glassbullet says:

    I remember sitting in a corner at the back of the classroom, behind some assorted crap we’d find to keep us out of view, to play pokemon blue & red on our awesome new gameboy colors. Or hiding in the woods at recess to trade cards like heroin. Ah, good times.

  2. Annubis says:

    Not pokemon but related: I remember in early primary school, we’d hide in the bathroom to play paper and pen RPG in winter (snow sucks when your a geek). Though we got caught very quickly…

  3. BrendantheJedi says:

    Funny you bring up Pokemon. Me and my brother (both of us graduated from Highschool now, and part of the old Pokemon generation) went to some stupid Toys’R’Us event where we had to wait in line amongst 10 year olds and fellow nerds as they gave out Darkrais for Diamond and Pearl (the current generation games). Pokemon, while not nearly as big as it used to be, is alive and fucking well.

  4. Link says:

    You’re making me feel old. I was a few years past elementary school in 1999. :v

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl should be on your to-play last. They’re very solid games.

  5. digitalboy says:

    My memories of Pokemon fandom are of being ruthlessly picked on in 3rd and 4th grade for still liking Pokemon and wearing the t-shirts.

  6. Jams says:

    The games are still pretty good actually – I still play them

  7. Link: If it makes you feel any better, 1999/2000 was my last school year in elementary school.

  8. Kawada says:

    The hell? I remember a bit about the old Pokemon games. What I don’t remember is that rat-kangaroo-rabbit abomination. Those kids must have been so proud.