OtaKing77077 has a message for you all about your fansubs

Subatomic Brainfreeze brought this video to my attention, and I feel it’s worth talking about– if only just to pick it apart in the same way that this guy picks apart fansubs. I guess I’ll also take this opportunity to do the “My Perfect Fansub” post I’ve been planning but have never done for some reason. It’s two blog posts for the price of one!

This OtaKing guy actually gets it pretty right for a decent portion of his video. I too think that most translation notes are extraneous, and notes on cultural references can be delegated to an attached/downloadable PDF/txt/html/whatever file. I also think leaving shit untranslated is lazy, but at the same time am indifferent to honorifics. I guess I just got used to that stuff. His bit about screen clutter is good, too.

He does however kind of shoot himself in the toes. His attitude is no better than the that of the fansubbers he’s bashing, and his animated avatar is really quite cheesy (I do respect his animation work, though, but that’s only because I can’t animate for shit.) Near the end he becomes too nitpicky, getting on the cases of Shinbo shows like Pani Poni Dash and Zetsubou Sensei. The fact that ADV’s release of Pani Poni looks exactly like Oyasumi’s and gg’s kind of destroys his argument, but I guess he’s just not used to anime with lots of on-screen text. Not really a surprise, I guess, since according to everything on his DevArt page, he’s stuck in 1987.

Oh yeah, and we all know that all VHS fansubs weren’t prime examples of translation genius. I know. I watched them when I was younger.

Anyways, my idea of a perfect fansub is quite simple– white/yellow text in Arial or some other sans-serif font with a decent, competent translation, and any notes would be shown at a screen at the end or in an downloadable file I’d never read. Softsubs would be nice, but a hardsubbed release like this wouldn’t bother me. Of course, I’d like for openings/endings to be free of karaoke, and I would also like no overlays (that’s become something of a fad now-a-days.)

The only group which really subs stuff in this manner is ADTRW, and they never finish anything. That said, the current style of fansubbing doesn’t really bother me. To be honest, even with all their shit all the stuff I watch is bearably done.

God, I really can’t write today.