Chewing gum and kicking ass in XP

After a very stressful yesterday/last night, I finally have a sexy working version of XP running on this machine. It took blood, sweat, tears and the help of many great men. Thanks go out to Rob, Randall and Chase for helping me get this sucker installed.

It works great! It feels just like my old computer except for Photoshop starts up in 5 seconds and nothing slows down ever. The real test of this machine’s power will come in the form of some epic Photoshopping (which should happen today or tomorrow), but as of right now things are more or less perfect! The only losses from all this were Dell’s little mini-view thing, but that didn’t do much but look kind of cool and space-age-ish anyway, and my Hizashi no Naka no REAL save game. Well, it’s not really a loss since the harddrive on my old PC is still intact and I probably backed it up but I have no idea where to find it. Any fellow lolicon out there have ideas? Alternatively, a full save file would be good… I could never get past 75% complete…

Normal comicing/blog posting will resume shortly~

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7 Responses to Chewing gum and kicking ass in XP

  1. Use the mini-view for loli slideshow! DO IT!

    Glad you got things fixed!

  2. Actually upon further inspection it still works, for some reason. It can do a lot less now, but it still does stuff. Crazy.

  3. Jusuchin says:

    You’re running XP on 4 gigs of memory? Holy….

    I would actually get a new laptop so I can give this one back to my dad but…keine geld.

    And I think my German is correct…2 years since I last used German >>;;

  4. A Non-E-Moose says:

    Enjoy your Hizashi save, nigga :D

  5. Jusuchin says:

    Flamehaze:It’s better than Vista >>;;

  6. Tatsujin says:

    What’s even funnier is that I bricked the BIOS on my HTPC last night… I’m never trusting Giga-Byte’s BIOS flashing utilities again

    on the plus side I can grab an old p4 motherboard with a 3.0 Prescott tonight for nothing…