New computer is all hooked up

Not sure how I feel about Vista. People have told me I should keep it installed, since it’ll use all of 4 of the gigs of RAM I paid for, but it’s causing more problems than making anything easier. I can live with its aesthetic, but other very basic things are wrong here. For instance, when copying over all of my fonts, there were a number of duplicates. It asked if I wanted to replace the dupes, but of the options it gave me, none of them were “yes to all” or “no to all”. As a result, I had a stay there clicking away until all my fonts installed. Also, the OS basically prompts you about everything and is too secure for its good (ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO INSTALL THE THING YOU JUST CLICKED ON etc etc etc.) I’ll give it a spin for a few days, but I’m really leaning towards just loading up XP, especially considering the fact that my scanner doesn’t work with Vista (I can still scan through the laptop, though)

Anyway, other than OS issues the new machine works great. I will however miss the old guy, though. I used my old Vaio desktop for something like 6 years, and I guess I became attached.