New computer is all hooked up

Not sure how I feel about Vista. People have told me I should keep it installed, since it’ll use all of 4 of the gigs of RAM I paid for, but it’s causing more problems than making anything easier. I can live with its aesthetic, but other very basic things are wrong here. For instance, when copying over all of my fonts, there were a number of duplicates. It asked if I wanted to replace the dupes, but of the options it gave me, none of them were “yes to all” or “no to all”. As a result, I had a stay there clicking away until all my fonts installed. Also, the OS basically prompts you about everything and is too secure for its good (ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO INSTALL THE THING YOU JUST CLICKED ON etc etc etc.) I’ll give it a spin for a few days, but I’m really leaning towards just loading up XP, especially considering the fact that my scanner doesn’t work with Vista (I can still scan through the laptop, though)

Anyway, other than OS issues the new machine works great. I will however miss the old guy, though. I used my old Vaio desktop for something like 6 years, and I guess I became attached.

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  1. as says:

    vista has the same font install thing that’s been there since 3.1 and it’s nearly unusable

  2. _Rand_ says:

    Thats UAC (User account control) giving you the prompts, it is annoying but it IS secure.

    You can turn it off entirely though under the User accounts section of the control panel.

    That said, I couldn’t go back from Vista to XP now. I’m totally hooked on the universal search alone.

  3. scottfrye says:

    You realize that when vista finds duplicate files there is a little check box that is essentially the “yes to all” and “no to all.” Vista just makes it confusing and the check box is hard to see.

    And you can turn off the little reminder that asks you constantly if you wanna install something or crap like that.

  4. Thanks guys.

    But I’m already installing XP because it looks nicer and it isn’t mean to my scanner :V

    also turns out dell gave me 32 bit Vista anyways so I’d have an unused gig of ram either way. go me.

  5. Cadha13 says:

    Yeah the UAC is a nice feature I liked on the Linux OS’s but now Microsoft put in Vista so to make sure you really want to do this. The Extras in Vista Ultimate drove me into Vista since I will use them in the future.

    My HP all-in-one will not work in Vista x64 as a scanner. I think I should just buy a new one since it it five years old, ancient for a printer. Also, I have a TRS-80 printer and want to see it that works with my Windows 3.11 for Workgroups desktop(Pentium Overdrive) and laptop.(three ancient laptops, 386sx, 486dx4, and a pentium 90 all still work!)

    I think the extra features will keep you into Vista like the built in Media Center for Home Premium and Ultimate and the tablet features available for nearly all versions of Vista.

  6. rikchik says:

    Asking you to confirm even safe things isn’t very secure, since you’ll just get used to clicking through security dialogs without reading them. When there’s a genuine attack, you’ll probably just click through it again. Just something to watch out for.

  7. Installing XP is proving troublesome, but I will persevere. I deemed Vista unusable after something like like 20 minutes.

  8. manga says:

    That´s something you would do :)

    I´ve been using Vista now and hell I won´t go back to XP for anything in the world. Getting everything to work yes it can be troublesome, I agree with you. When you get it to work though, oh my it works wonders. Atleast for me and with what I do.

    Upgrading the old comp is a hard thing to do, if it works like a charm then why upgrade? If something breakes then you have to update and then it´ll cost you…

    I made a misscalculation with the case I´m currently using as my graphics card is to damn big so I lose one HDD place :( Otherwise this comp is golden.

  9. scottfrye says:

    People don’t give Vista much time. It’s not unusable. I understand how people feel I didn’t care for Vista at first but I preserved. Now I like Vista. It does take some getting used to.

    One reason I use Vista because of my tv tuner car. It didnt come with software and I have to use Windows Media Center if I want to watch tv. Of course, if some hardware that you use alot doesn’t work with vista then I would go back too. But I’m in a reverse situation.

    But good luck with the new computer.

  10. Flamehaze says:

    You should imo disable UAC(User Account Control) since that is what is asking you for all this confirming and it’s not needed at all. A google search can definitely tell you how to disable it for good. Once that is disabled it will really help you like Vista more. I used to use XP but my laptop came with Vista Premium and I don’t mind it with annoying things like UAC disabled. I also disable Windows Defender/Firewall and currently use Avira AntivPersonal and Commodo Firewall Pro(all are free) for my security needs.

  11. Cadha13 says:

    It took my a few days of using my mom’s VAIO laptop with Home Premium to get used too. I assume(and I really don’t do it) that lack of legacy support started your downgrade process. I lived with win 2K for years and after I started to use Linux OS’s (light years ahead in features compared to win 2k/XP) and then Microsoft put the ones I really liked into Vista. The security features are greater than XP and stronger to boot. I don’t think Sony uses AMD processors for their PC/laptop line and leaving a large hole for the future upgrade available to 64 bit OS’s. My Linux OS’s were all 64 bit and never crashed, and ran very fast in music and video processing compared to the dual booted win 2K. I don’t know if Sony told you about the Vista 32 bit limitation on memory before you bought it, I know HP told me when I selected 4 GB option and it gives you a 3 GB option if you selected a 32 bit OS. Yeah, I think that is why I chose my HP because it still prints from my five year HP old printer, a HP 50g calculator and way better multi language support(I can boot into a Japanese Version of Vista on a whim not requiring a different version of Win XP and that I think is cool)

    Also Microsoft will stop a majority of support and fixes after this year for XP. Also I would have another computer to run that legacy device and send the stuff from the Vista computer to that XP computer. It will take time to get used to Vista, but it provides better support than Win 2k/XP for other devices ie. Xbox 360.

    May the best of luck too you. Somehow School Days (the game) works on Vista 64 but it also runs a lot better too. ; )

  12. Annubis says:

    I think I’ll switch to Vista when I get a new computer, which probably won’t happen very soon since mine is just a year old. I’ll probably end up having this one with winXP networked with a newer comp with Vista. Best of both worlds.
    Anyone know if Vista can remote desktop connect to winXP ? If so that would be pretty awesome.

  13. Knight-Zero says:

    It’s so beautiful… I love sony…

  14. Tatsujin says:

    …..and I helped!

  15. Rob says:

    The sony is the old one

  16. Teru says:

    Have fun with the e-penor enlargement.

  17. Guhruht says:

    When did VAIO desktops get so ugly? I’m on one from 2004 and it looks about 5 billion percent nicer than your tampon white fat block of computing.

    You have nice floors.

  18. That’s an old Vaio from like 2002

    also dont call my old computer ugly :(