Comic Site Rant: Un webcomic weeaboo. QUE ES GRACIOSO, ADEMAS, aunque sea dificil de creer.

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As expected, this comic came out late due to my moving back to DC for the summer. It also suffers from post-trip fatigue since the art is worse than usual, but that’s also affected by the fact that I tried to copy the Macross F style and failed. It seems the guys actually making the show are failing with that too, so I’m not all that bothered. That one colouring error in panel 3 is really off-putting, though. As far as scripting goes, I figure I’m allowed one stupid comic a year, and I really wanted so make something about Alto’s obsession with paper airplanes. Did you see the focus he was putting into making that one in episode 6? Seriously. Guy has a problem.

Instead of making two comics this week to make up for the missed comic last week, I’m just going to skip a comic since if I made another comic now it’d just turn out looking bad. I just need to relax for a bit now.

Not much going on this week, so I’ll get on to Kurenai and Kyouran after I post this stuff up. Later.

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