Code Geass is otaku wish fulfillment

When you think about it, Code Geass really isn’t all that different from your run-of-the-mill harem show in what it sets out to do. It tries to cover it up, but at its core, it’s shameless otaku wish fulfillment.

For starters, let’s examine Lelouch’s qualities. He’s a lot like you!!

  • Not very athletic, weak
  • Does “nerdy” things such as read books (light novels) and play chess (computer games)
  • Has a grudge against society
  • His father disapproves of his actions
  • Can only speak his mind when he’s completely and totally anonymous
  • Has a sister complex

Now let’s take a look at what he has and the things that happen to him.

  • Has a face that is not totally hideous
  • Gets the power to force his will on people unconditionally
  • Has a harem of beautiful women (complete with moe moe lolis and sexy onee-sans)
  • Has an army of followers that will trust him no matter what
  • Gets to pilot giant robots
  • Is able to inspire fear in the hearts of the people he hates

Clearly the reason why Geass is so popular among the otaku is because they can relate to Lelouch and and enjoy living out their fantasies through him.