The 90s were a long time ago, weren’t they?

I’ve mostly gotten over this, but to some degree, my point of reference for things is still the 1990s. For instance, when someone says “10 years ago” my mind might think of the 1980s for a flash, but then it’ll jump back to reality and realize that 10 years ago was actually 1998… am I getting old?

Zettai Karen Children, with its so-90s-it-could-kill-a-man art style really rubs it in my face that I will be all of 20 years old in a month. Yes, 20 years old isn’t that old, but considering shows that look like this were made something like 20 years ago, I just can’t help but feel like an old fart already. I got into anime in 1999, near the turn of the century, but given what I had available to me, lots of what I watched came from the early to mid 90s. Zettai Karen Children does a good job in reminding me of those days when I was 11 years old and browsing sites like this (I can’t believe that’s still online.)

I can understand shows like Pokemon retaining their 90s aesthetic since it’d be weird to just change the art style, but something totally new like Zettai Karen Children having 90s art is just MEAN.