More Crazy Anime Dreams: Devilman + Great Mazinger!

This dream wasn’t as crazy as the last one, but it was All Go Nagai, All The Time so it’s probably worth mentioning, especially considering Everything I Learned About Go Nagai I Leared Off Wikipedia And I Guess The Devilman Manga. So basically, this dream was my own wacky take on Uncle Go’s franchises that I barely know anything about!!

Stuff happened that I don’t remember before this, but at one point in the dream things change into an episode of Devilman. Keep in mind that I’ve never watched Devilman past the opening and ending, but I have read the manga. Suffice it to say, this episode of Devilman playing in my mind very much not like the manga, and probably the anime, given it was quite a subdued a affair. I’m not sure who the main character was. I’m almost sure it wasn’t Akira Fudo, but it could have been me in the shoes of Akira Fudo. The dream had a strange point of view. At points it was in the first person, but other scenes didn’t have Main Character Guy at all, so it’s hard to say. It’s a dream, after all. What I do know for sure is that Amon was around and sayin’ stuff in my head.

So basically, Main Character goes into a house to stay for the night or something. I guess he’s on a journey of enlightenment and needs a place to crash. The house belongs to an old couple, and the old man half of the couple looks something like this. They do anime-episode-ish things– the old couple is real nice and antics ensue. But all is not well. Amon senses a demon and bugs Main Character about it. Main Character says nothing. Actually Main Character is suspiciously quiet throughout this whole thing, but whatever, it’s a dream! At one point the old man goes away on his own to do something taxing on his old bones. Things cut to a black screen and we see shots of him and a demon speaking (this is presumably his mind) and the demon offers to lend his strength, but the old man says he can handle it. I guess the old man is possessed by a demon, but in kind of the same way Akira Fudo is. It is at this point where Amon lights up and senses a DEMON for a second in a very anime-ish manner. Anyway, so as not bore you guys any further, not much happens except for a trip to the grocery store where Amon senses DEMONS again. If this episode was allowed to play out, it’d probably feature some corny message about how demons and humans can get along just fine, but apparently my brain didn’t care for that and the channel quickly changed to…

…GREAT MAZINGER. Now, I know even less about Great Mazinger than I know about Devilman. All I’ve done is read its Wikipedia entry and seen its opening, so Great Mazinger turns out very different from Go Nagai’s rendition, but my dream insisted that this robot was Great Mazinger, so it shall be.

This segment of the dream opens up with my own version of the Great Mazinger opening, which is really just this giant robot that looks nothing at all like Great Mazinger and looks more like Gaia from God Mars transforming into a variety of different retarded machines. The wacky thing is Mazinger Z (who I think actually looks like Mazinger Z) is piloting all these stupid transformations, which makes absolutely no sense because in the show Great Mazinger is built because Mazinger Z was destroyed at the end of the Mazinger Z TV series. But whatever. This is a dream. (thanks Perplexus) Once the stupid as shit opening is done, we are treated to the voice of a narrator. He’s an oldish sounding guy, and sounds like one of those guys who’d narrate an old Disney movie, or something. Were old Disney movies even narrated? I don’t know, but if one was, it’d be narrated by this guy. Anyway, he talks about how Great Mazinger was (he speaks in the past tense) a great, caring and complex being. “He was almost a human”, he says, stressing the “u” in human as footage of Great Mazinger shooting off a giant laser plays in the background. It all ends with a corny, painted still of Great Mazinger (who looks exactly like Gaia) holding Mazinger Z in the palm of his hand (and Mazinger Z looks like Gaia now, too.) Yeah, I forgot to mention that in this dream Great Mazinger is fucking HUGE. And for some reason, just in this one still, Great Mazinger’s mouth is in the shape of the Apple logo. Yeah, don’t know either. Actually, I think clips of this might have overlapped with the Devilman portion. My brain was likely changing channels, finding the best thing to watch. The weird part is how prominently God Mars plays in the second half of all this. It could be because I’ve actually seen something like 18 episodes of God Mars, or it could be because before I crashed I read this blog entry— who knows, it’s a dream!!

Anyway, that’s enough boring you with my stupid anime themed dreams! I’m only blogging about it since I have nothing else to do!