According to MyAnimeList, Kaiji is the 300th show/movie/whatever I’ve completed. This number probably isn’t correct, as I’m sure I missed an anime or two in my listing, but whatever!

Kaiji’s ending was more down to earth than I expected. For all its JUST AS PLANNED nonsense and general detachment from reality, the way it brought you back into the real world was quite shocking and blunt. The show as a whole had a bunch of ups and downs, and I probably won’t watch it again because of this. I do hope they make a season 2, however, since the ending was about as good as the Akagi ending. By that I mean it offered shitty closure.

So yeah, congrats Kaiji.

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6 Responses to 300

  1. bakaneko says:

    300? This is MADNESS!

  2. Michael says:



  3. DrmChsr0 says:


  4. Sacristán says:

    Kaiji’s voice actor and Fukumoto himself (the author) said at the end that there will be a continuation for sure, but they still don’t know exactly when. I don’t know why Triad left that out.

  5. Annubis says:

    I just gave a big last season update, 284, not far behind. Soon 285, since I’m finally getting Irresponsible Captain Taylor.

  6. HechEff says:

    Zawa zawa indeed.