Spring 08 Impressions PART I

Three’s a good number.


I was pleasantly surprised by this one. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I was kind of looking forward to this show, but had no real expectations. The character designs and atmosphere are all very well done, and the voice work seems solid enough. I can’t comment much on the script since it hasn’t been subbed yet, but if it’s as good as the rest of the show is, this should be a real winner. I just hope Brains Base keeps up this Baccano!/Kamichu! quality and doesn’t slip into Innocent Venus territory. Hm, maybe Kure-nai just needs an exclamation point at the end just to be safe…

Even if this does slip into suckage, I enjoy dark serious stories focused around small children, so I’d probably keep watching anyway.


The first thing that came to my mind while I was watching this was, “wow, it’s Rosario + Vampire done right!” It’s not exactly the same as the R+V setup though, but somewhat similar. Rather than a boy going to a school full of monsters, it centers around a fox spirit attending a normal school, and her struggles with keeping her identity secret. But she doesn’t really struggle at all… and that shit isn’t important anyway. This show has pretty good production values, nice character designs, and an appealing brand of raunchiness that I can get behind. So long as it keeps up with the quality fanservice, I’ll keep coming back. Great cast helps.


You know, after Gonzo’s last two masterpieces I’ve become, erm, quite fucking tired of their goddamn motherfucking shit. But, nonetheless, I decided to give Blassreiter a whirl. The preview looked kind of cool, and I wanted to see how Gonzo’s in-house sub work was. The show really goes all out on the CG (lol gonzo), and I’m not sure if it looks bad just because of the YouTube quality, but this shit is all up in the uncanny valley. That said, it actually looks better than Dragonaut’s 3D work, which is saying, uh, something. The first episode was a clusterfuck of plot elements that’ll probably never make sense, and unlike Dragonaut, these character designs are butt ugly, so I probably won’t stick with this one for very long.

Currently waiting for subs of TO RABU RU, Macross and uh… Maid Guy, I guess.