Comic Site Rant: LOVE JUMP

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I am so very disappointed in this comic in every way. The art is lacklustre and the script is pretty… horrible. I just wanted to talk about Kaiji in some way before it finished its sub run, and do a general parody on the art style.

You know, that scenery in panel 1 is actually inspired by Clannad. Strange, right? Well, when I put digital paint to digital canvas, I just start picking out dark/grey colours, so a lot of Clannad’s spring-time happiness doesn’t really carry over. I blame the fact that it was actually raining outside while I was making this. And I just like grey-ish overcast atmospheres. Anyway, next week should be better. I hope. orz

The new season has started, but I’m still kind of in the process of putting a lid on the rather craptastic winter season. That’s mostly a case of the sub groups having to catch up, though. I have however watched one spring season show so far, and that happens to be Kure-nai. You may remember that I was looking forward to Kure-nai a while back, and thankfully episode 1 seemed pretty good. I say “seemed” because I watched it raw and couldn’t really understand what was going on past the basics. It does however have great animation, great atmosphere and an adorable little loli who is thankfully less annoying than she was in the preview. If the script is as good as everything else, then Brainsbase might have another Kamichu or Baccano! quality show on their hands. Let’s just hope they don’t pull another Innocent Venus. Oh, also, the opening is worth noting.

As far as other anime I’ve watched recently goes, I caught a bit more of Dennou Coil at MIT. The show is certainly getting a lot better as it begins to explore its mysteries, and the “filler” has become quite entertaining, too. The show has a lot of character, which I admire. Not sure if it’s rewatchable for me, but I actually do like it now. You know, I have to thank MIT for showing things like Baccano! and Dennou Coil– things I was reluctant to go and watch/finish for myself due to my own stubbornness. So yeah, good on them.

Still trudging through Shinigami no Ballad, almost a week past the set review deadline. Sorry Seven Seas, I just ain’t a fast reader, and it doesn’t help that the story I’m on I saw before in anime form. It’s not a bad book, but it’s not especially amazing either. I think I liked the first story a bit better.

Anyways, that’s it for tonight. I’m out.