Yotsunoha 2

Yotsunoha episode 2 is humour scenes, drama scenes and romantic scenes mixed together unevenly that revolve around characters who we barely know and makes references to other characters who we don’t know at all and tries to have it all make sense by haphazardly throwing in flashbacks that just make it all the more of a clusterfuck.

The animation is still nice looking, but some shots look pretty bad– more so than in episode 1. Voice work is still the same, meaning that whoever the fuck does Nono makes me want to tape the kid’s mouth shut and do unspeakable things to her, and Yuuko Gotou’s voice is a breath of fresh, blissful nee-san air.

Yotsunoha is basically like one of those short OVAs from the 1980s that were meant to take THE BEST from a long running manga series and crush it into 60 minutes resulting in terrors. Except for in Yotsunoha’s case, I guess it’s a porn game. Oh well, at least it had the best confession ever. It goes something like this, “I don’t have a lolita complex! It just happened by chance that the woman I love is a loli.”

Yeah. Real smooth.

Also what kind of young boy does his hair up like this

Kid in red is a boy. No, seriously.