April Anime pt 1

Not much now. Will update when new things have started.

Chii’s Sweet Home: Three minutes of stuff.
Ghost Hound: I don’t really care about this one anymore. Almost over.
Hakaba Kitarou: Subs have slowed down. Still decent entertainment with above-average art direction.
They Are My Noble Masters: Bleh.

Finished/Almost Finished
Clannad: Rushed but acceptable ending. I hope this after-story thing won’t be too long… but I suppose having questions answered would be nice.
Dragonaut: One episode to go. As horrible as this show was, I don’t regret watching it, since it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.
Hayate no Gotoku: I’d welcome 50 more episodes. Nagi~
Minami-ke ~Okawari~: Yeah, I’m thinking asread didn’t get their Shuffle! budget for this one. Looks good, but moves awkwardly. Ending was fine.
Rosario + Vampire: One episode left. Decent for a crappy show.
Shakugan no Shana II: lol
Wolfy Spices: Well thank god that’s over!!
Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Waiting for Strato to sub the rest, but finished it raw. Very difficult to understand raw ;__;

Shinigami no Ballad: Past the deadline for the review, so trying to finish this one up. Works better as a cartoon.

Reading some KnJ chapters when they surface, and just finished another wonderfully confusing volume of Trigun MAXIMUM. I still have volumes of GSG unread, am almost caught up on OTAKU USA issues and have lots of unread Macias books from Christmas.

Can anyone recommend me any manga series that aren’t adaptations/have been adapted into an anime that I may like? I kind of wanna be an elitist manga reader, hur. Extra points if it’s not shoujo and not over 10 volumes.

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12 Responses to April Anime pt 1

  1. DiGiKerot says:

    I’ve been reading Shinigami no Ballad this week. Generic as hell. As the only one of Seven Seas first wave of light novels I was interested in, it’s kind of disappointing.

  2. as says:

    The last three things I read were Eden, Satsuma Gishiden, and Yotsuba in japanese. They’re pretty good I guess

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Can anyone recommend me any manga series that aren’t adaptations/have been adapted into an anime that I may like? I kind of wanna be an elitist manga reader, hur. Extra points if it’s not shoujo and not over 10 volumes.

    I assume you’ve already read Yotsuba&.

    Also, Nanami and Misuzu, Super-Conductive Brains, Icaro, Tokyo Red Hood

  4. Up to date with US releases of Yotsubato, yeah.

    Not sure if Satsuma Gishiden would be my thing, but Eden sounds interesting enough. It certainly is quite long, though.

    I’ve heard of Tokyo Red Hood and am not entirely sure it’s for me! The rest sound fine, though.

  5. bettynoire says:

    Ai Kora (Love and College) is a rather fun ongoing harem series. Same dude who did Midori Days, though, so if you don’t like the guys style you might ant to avoid it. Mysterious Girlfriend X is bizarre but oddly cute if you can get over the ick factor. Chocolat (the seinen one, not the crap shoujo gay one) is rather surprisingly hilarious and the art is rather awesome.

    I can only ever think of stuff I’ve read recently whenever I go to reccommend things to people =/

  6. mt-i says:

    Hanamaru Youchien is good for cuteness and warm, fuzzy feelings (3 volumes and counting).
    Ikoku meiro no kurowaaze is gorgeous and very chastely pedophilic (1 volume and counting).
    Lolicon Phoenix might make you laugh (2 volumes if I’m not late).

    For some reason, I like reading things like Tonari no 801-chan, too. Might serve as reference material for Tina.

  7. BrendantheJedi says:

    I, Otaku is allright. Its no Genshiken, but its entertaining enough. Currently at 6 volumes.

  8. TheBigGSN5 says:

    Reiko the Zombie Shop. I know you fear the bloods, but there’s totally no gore. I’m super serial. Tokyo Red Hood or Azakuzin is full of gore and freaky mutations, though.

  9. Guhruht says:

    Praise the lawd!! ep 49 is subbed.

  10. A guy in Los Lunas says:

    I think MPD psycho is one that is out there. Up to volume 4 in English.

  11. Annubis says:

    Wings of Vendemiaire you might like.
    Harukana Machi-E also.
    Both are pretty short slow paced story (think stuff like 5cm style)
    For something funnier/more action… Battle Angel Alita ? Devil & Devil ?

  12. GuardMonkey10 says:

    Check out Ichinensei ni Nacchattara. Its funny, its got lots loli, and its funny. Taruby translates it.