“Triste” by Pizzicato Five

I wrote a very sad song
when I woke up this morning
but I won’t let you listen to it
because it’s too sad a song

It’s a very sad story
maybe you noticed it too
it’s really very sad
but our love is over

like this
we held each other
we saw the same sunrise

I had a very sad dream
this morning before I woke up
I dreamt that I was singing a sad song
and you just kissed me

I’m really sorry
I’ve loved you so

I’m really sorry
you’ve believed only me

I’m really sorry
I’ve loved you so

I’m really sorry
but in the end
we can forget everything

P5 Version
Alternate Version by Akiko Wada


Lyrics taken from P5 Lyrics Database.

I heard the alternate version of this song first in a mix-tape-thing by Patrick Macias, and only heard P5’s when I was going through a torrent of their music later on (which I really should buy…) I have no idea who does the alternate version– if anyone knows, drop a comment.

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6 Responses to “Triste” by Pizzicato Five

  1. Annubis says:

    To all you non french speakers, “triste” means sad.

  2. Patrick says:

    The alternate version on the mix was a cover by Akiko Wada produced by the Readymade Records gang. I found it as a bonus track on a Wada best-of collection, but I think it had appeared in other places before…maybe a collection of P5 covers?

  3. Ah, thanks Patrick!

  4. Norio says:

    This music is delicious! Thank you for sharing ittt.

    Is there and P5 album you’d particularly reccomend for listening?

  5. Well, I just picked up this mega torrent of some of their stuff, but of that I like Bossa Nova 2001, In the Mix and Playboy & Playgirl. I’d say just grab that torrent, see if you like ’em, then drop some yens on an album or two.

  6. Norio says:

    Huh? Isn’t Bossa Nova a Pixies album? OH WEL I grabbed all of it.