Shuffle! DVD 1, Episode 1

The first episode is as good as I remember it, which is to say it’s just that– good. See, I wasn’t completely taken with the show until they got to the episode where Kaede gets sick (SO MOE.) The first episode doesn’t really need to be much more than that though, as it does a good job of easing you into the world and the characters. Asread’s animation is very good here– nice and fluid, but as usual in some cuts you can tell they really are green behind the ears. It does however move a lot better than Minami-ke ~Okawari~.

Funimation’s work on the DVD is a mix of QUALITY and quality. The first sign of QUALITY is when you see KyoAni’s name pop up in the opening logos. Looks like Kadokawa sent them the same sequence of logos Bandai uses on the Haruhi DVDs, but they forgot to cut out the KyoAni logo! Aside from that, the sub work is fine, if not a bit robotic. It seems there were more than a couple of occasions where things like “it is” and “this is” could have stood to be contracted for the sake of flow. Also, for the first time, Funi overlayed the Japanese credits and titles with English ones. They usually do a multi-angel thing, so that when you watch it in Japanese, you get the Japanese text and vice-versa. This could just be because Power DVD may not like multi-angle things? I don’t know. Then again, my Tsukuyomi DVDs work fine on PDVD… I should test this on a real DVD player. The extras are minimal– trailers and textless opening/ending. Menus work well. Besides the QUALITY subs and the bit with the logos, the DVD is fine.

A better review will follow. This is just a first impressions of sorts. Will end this post with a digest version of the best scene in the episode. Incidentally, it’s also the opening scene.