Comic Site Rant: “Baby, baby, would you stop?”

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I don’t know how to feel about this one. The biggest problem was that I forgot to draw Rets in panel 2, so I had to hastily sketch him in Photoshop. Though, looking at it now, I kind of like that. Tina’s face also looks too long in some planels. Bleh. I guess I like it more than others. And yes, I know that messy little scribble on the sketch pad doesn’t really look like Roro– I didn’t wanna put to much time into drawing man porn. The joke seems solid enough to me.

Anime Boston is in something like two weeks. I’ll be there, but I won’t have a table or anything. I’ll just be walking around with some dudes. Most likely my server admin and Seiya (gotta get back in contact with him!) and will probably meet up with DS and Hinano.

About half-way through Dennou Coil, and it’s finally starting to show its stuff. The fish episode and the beard episode do a good job of playing with the setting they’ve created far better than the opening episodes. Also, a lot of interesting plot developments are starting to take shape. I actually want to see the next episode, now!

Finished Diebuster again. I almost forgot how incredibly epic the ending was. I almost want to buy those Bandai Visual DVDs, now. Almost.

Anyway, cutting it short today for whatever reason. Got some raws/subs to dig into and a Shuffle! DVD. Later.