March 2008 Anime and stuff

Clannad: Fine. Last arc killed two birds with one stone, I guess, so now we’re on to Nagisa.
Dragonaut: Yes, I’m still watching this, 21 episodes in. It’s so horrible, but it’s so bad it goes full circle and becomes good again.
Ghost Hound: Each episode is well done, but as a whole it leaves a lot to be desired.
Hakaba Kitarou: Carries itself on art direction, but is still enjoyably dark and mischievous. Makes me want a US release of the Gegege no Kitarou manga.
Hayate no Gotoku: Coming to a close. I wouldn’t mind a second season after something of a break. This last batch of episodes is pretty strong.
Kaiji: Working off shock value now. About six more episodes to go.
Minami-ke ~Okawari~: Not really funny, but an enjoyable watch. Asread’s animation doesn’t seem as good this time around, but I don’t remember much of what Shuffle! looked like past that one Memories episode I skimmed through for screencaps.
Rosario + Vampire: I should drop this crap, but I guess eight episodes is past the point of no return?
Shakugan no Shana II: Stuff is finally happening… four episodes until the end!
Spicy Wulf: Boring but watchable.
They Are My Noble Masters: Kind of want to drop this one too, but it’s not as bad as Rosario + Vampire. Carries itself of references.
Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Only good winter season show that’s not Hakaba Kitarou (and I guess Okawari). For serious. ZETSUBOU FAITO.

Not So Current
Dennou Coil: Watching this again for some reason. Still pretty boring, but I’ve gotten past the point where I dropped it last time.

Trying to get through back issues of OTAKU USA. Have stacks up unread manga sitting about. Should read those Macias books I got months ago.

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8 Responses to March 2008 Anime and stuff

  1. reckless says:

    Have you tried True Tears? Has turned out to be one of my favorites of that season.

  2. Blacques says:

    Fucking a.f.k. subbing Clannad instead of Zetsubou…

    Why no love for Dennou Coil?

  3. reckless says:

    Dennou Coil was pretty boring to me as well…none of the characters really piqued my interest or endeared themselves to me, dropped it like 10 episodes in. I love good characters, I can deal with a shitty story if I like the characters.

  4. Freelii says:

    I know exactly what you mean about rosario…

    I would also recommend True Tears, been pretty good as far as drama/romance shows go.

  5. harakiri says:

    Dennou Coil had a lot of very different characters with likable personalities. It was a big plus for me that the creators did not rely on outfits and moe accessoires but on unique personalities. But I guess it’s a matter of preference.

    I could also recommend Shigofumi this season. It’s solid entertainment.

  6. reckless says:

    @harakiri – Yep, I know a lot of people enjoyed Dennou Coil and I wish I did too, as I’m always on the look out for great shows that aren’t, as you said, simply trying to appeal to otaku’s moes. Not to say I don’t enjoy those types of shows as well -_-

  7. Dennou Coil is actually quite moe, but it’s moe in the same way Kamichu is moe. Personally I have nothing against the characters, but basically nothing interesting happens in the first 8 episodes.

    People keep telling me to watch True Tears… I guess I’ll marathon it eventually

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