Dragonaut 20

Dragonaut is a terrible show. It is so terrible that it goes full circle and becomes good again, which is really the only reason why I’ve been able to stand it for something like 20 episodes. Episode 20 had some of the most laughable writing I’ve ever seen. It’s like they made sure to use every single cliched line ever, or at least variants of such lines.

Tell me, how many times have you heard this one?

Yes, Dragonaut had a wacky timejump in which all the former heroes of the show became the villains. And they don’t even explain this. Well, maybe they did and I just wasn’t paying attention.

This next one is great.


And finally, the best one ever…

See, the thing about this one is, you have to see the show to get it. The “bond” Kazuki is referring to is the the time that he spent staring at Gio in awe while Gio was stuck in a tube, and the two seconds that they were together, and Gio pushed him to the ground. Yeah. Some bond.

I can’t wait until this show is over.