Comic Site Rant: “How miserable, to live a life without eggs”

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This is something of a true story. Yes, it is true that in my English 101 class last year, our first assignment was to write about anything we wanted. I however, did not write about moe. That happened about two years earlier in my Junior year of high school. See, in high school I was doing the IB, and part of trying to get your IB diploma was to write this 10 page essay called the Extended Essay. Me, being more of a Japanophile then than I am now (if your mind can fathom such a thing) wrote an “anthropological study” on otaku. The paper is horrible, and if I tried to read it again now I’d probably rip my face off. Anyway, the paper had a bit on moe. Now, when I wrote this (I guess back in… 2004? 2005?) I didn’t really know much about moe past the word. So I read a bunch of essays, and basically wrote about it as a desire to protect innocence and cited examples of certain works and magazines. Some time after I wrote it, I gave it to my English teacher to look over, and he said exactly what the guy in this comic says, word for word. As far as art goes, I don’t really like it. The drawings are sloppy and rushed. I do like the backgrounds and the lighting, though. I also like dressing the English teacher up as Lupin III.

I’m kind of running short of comic ideas. Nothing airing at the moment really inspires me to write anything funny. Well, I could do something about the two horrible Gonzo shows playing, but that’d probably be the same as that Soul Link comic I did a long while back. I do have a good supply of scripts that should last for a good 15 weeks, but reading them over, they seem very not funny. Eh. I probably need to give some of them a good editing job. Whatever. I kinda know what I want to do for next week, so that’s fine.

I’ve registered for Anime Boston, finally. I won’t have an art table or anything, but if any readers are up for a meet up, we could certainly arrange one in the comment sections of various blog posts in the coming months. Drop a message if you’re interested. According to Google Analytics, I get something like 100 visits from Boston, so I’m expecting at least some people…!

Started on They Are My Noble Masters since a friend of mine kept telling me to watch it. It’s all well and good, but it doesn’t really leave much of an impression. It suffers more than a lot of the eroge adaptations I’ve seen in their conversion to TV anime, since it really does feel like a porno without the porn. The general raunchy tone of show is fun and all, but it’s all one giant cocktease, more so than your average fanservice fare. There are some wacky anime references thrown in here and there for good measure. While they’re funny, they really just come off as an afterthought. I’ll probably see it through to the end, though. It has Yuko Gotou playing a sexy loli, after all.

I figure I may as well say something about Mnemosyne, since it seems slightly high profile and shit. Yeah, it’s fine. Nothing mind blowing. It delivers good action and a serviceable plot along with slick visuals (that are unfortunately marred by shitty encodes) but it doesn’t hit me on any level deeper than LOL ACTION, which I guess is as deep as it wants to dig, so that’s fine. If it ever came out on domestic DVD, I’d at least rent it for the visuals.

Half-way through Today in Class 5-2, and I’m wondering where this show has been all my life. Cohara Sakuraba is a genius. I should really track down the original comics for 5-2 and Minami-ke.

That’s all for this week. I’m out.