Comic Site Rant: Hey, Leader!

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Brad last showed up roughly 20 comics and 5 months ago, so I figured I needed to bring him back in. I actually had this script done for a good while (almost half a year) but other things kept popping up, preventing me from using it. But now, since there’s not been much news of note, and all the shows airing at the moment are pretty meh, it’s a good time to work from the backlog of unused scripts. Brad is meant to represent what I like to call the “Anime World Order” portion of fandom. Those who got into anime through the cool and violent stuff of the 80s, and who wish the “dreaded era of moe” would end. Brad also represents every adult in my life, ever. His influence in the comic is nice, and I should have him in more often. I should probably bring Rets, him and Tina together but drawing all three characters in one comic may break my hand. The art here is fine. Kind of messy, but turned out ok. Could be better.

In other site news, I changed the layout again. The site is mostly transparent pngs, so if you’re looking at this with IE 6, the site looks like total crap! But that’s only about 5% according to AW Stats, and about 70% are using Firefox, so that’s all that matters. Also, to all you IE 6 guys, at least upgrade or switch to a non-crap browser. For serious. The transparent pngs are kind of temporary, though. I’m still messing with the site’s background colour, and when I find something I like, I’ll switch back to more user-friendly gif. Also, I may try and take a stab at updating the reference guide this weekend. Does anyone actually use that, anyway? I think most of the jokes are quite obvious…

Finished Baccano! today. The show is good, but not great. See, it’s shallow. No, it’s not shallow in that it’s lacking heart, or that the characters are crap, because the show has plenty of heart and the characters are all wonderful. It’s shallow because it doesn’t really achieve what it sets out to do. The show goes out of its way boasting to you how wild, crazy and complicated its plot is, but in the end doesn’t explain everything. Not like it really matters, since the show is just fun to watch, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good time, and is not averse to large amounts of gore. That’s another thing that put me off. I can only handle so much horrible violence! The show gets points for a good setting, nice style, and doing the “Layzner thing” with its opening– except it shows clips from previous episodes, instead of the episode to come. Also, you can’t hate Isaac and Miria. Love those guys.

That’s it for today. Kinda tired right now, so I’ll go to bed for now. Later.