February 2008 Anime

Clannad: It’s good. I think it has nice characters and a number of good scenes, but thus far the main stories have been kind of weak.
Dragonaut: I don’t even know why anymore…
Ghost Hound: Still moves at a snail’s pace, but that doesn’t really bother me at all. Something of a plot seems to be developing, and I’m hoping it involves more Miyako screentime.
Hakaba Kitarou: Deliciously dark and enjoyable. Needs Nekomusume :3
Hayate no Gotoku: Nearly over, and I shed HOT TEARS OF SHAME. Another year-long season, please?
Kaiji: Show kind of got weaker after GAMBLEBOAT but it’s still fairly enjoyable. I hope E-Card is more complicated than it looks.
Minami-ke ~Okawari~: Most certainly different, but that’s not a bad thing. It looks good, but you can tell Asread is still a bit green with some cuts here and there. Probably not as funny as the last one, but still enjoyable. You can tell they’re trying.
Rosario + Vampire: Apparently has no inbetweening. Yeah, this animation is super cheapo, but the characters are always on model, so that’s good. I could probably stand it for another nine episodes.
Shana II: Stuff happens.
Wolf and Spices: Pretty good, but not totally awesome. Probably a step above a lot of stuff airing right now, though.
Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: EXTREME. Shinbo and Co. play with original manga material, usually with hilarious results.

Mr. Sunshine used some underhanded marketing tactics and got me into watching They Are My Noble Masters. I’ll check it out soon.

Not so current
Baccano!: Finishing the rest tonight. Just plain fun, but I hope all the stupid commotion makes sense in the end.
Devil Hunter Yohko: Finally finishing this after many years. Lots of nudity, action and dirty jokes– so basically good stuff for growing boys.

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4 Responses to February 2008 Anime

  1. 3x as random says:

    Lol @ comment on Yohko.

    You should reconsider Gundam 00 – one of the new suits have the GN Funn- I mean Fangs… but I think they are funnels with impale!
    Not to mention the oldest Trinity brother’s VA is.. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?
    and the Sister is liek OMG A LIE, shes not Chibi/short, but shes done by KUGIMIYA, its a lie, yes, it must be.

    If you don’t want to, its fine, lol.

  2. Seiyuu don’t make me want to watch shows (in most cases), and all the mecha designs are ugly.

    That and I’d look silly if I picked it up again.

  3. 3x as random says:

    Ah, I see. Just bear in mind the funnels :D :D

    Now I need to start watching Saint Seiya, finally got hold of the series (turns out my Seafood Manager had it XD)

  4. GuardMonkey10 says:

    Everything needs more Nekomusume. Mini-skirt version ftw.