Akagi: An epic saga of Mahjong and angular faces

I would write a proper review (actually, I wouldn’t, but whatever) but half of the show was lost on me since I didn’t read the TL notes and I don’t know how to play Mahjong. But despite that the show got by with good tension and cliff-hangers. I probably wouldn’t watch it again unless I learned how to play Mahjong for some random reason. I mostly watch this kind of stuff for the novelty of it all, anyway.

But hey, it has very awkward narration by Toru Furuya where he tries so hard not to sound like Amuro Ray but still sounds like Amuro Ray except with a giant beam saber stuck up his arse.

Anyway, time to watch Shana then maybe draw a comic but I have a class at 8:30 and if I want decent sleep I should probably turn in before/at 12.