This is what I watched today

Devil Hunter Yohko was the shit (as the kids say) back when my buds and I were something like 12/13 years old. Along with the first Tenchi movie, it was one of the first UNCUT AND UNEDITED anime we ever set our impressionable little eyes on. VIOLENCE! GORE! SEX! CURSING! DIRTY JOKES! It was a dream come true for us, just going through puberty and discovering what happens “down there.”

Looking back on the first episode now it’s uh… quite rough. You can’t really say something like Devil Hunter Yoko is really good or bad, it just is. Further episodes look better, given Madhouse had budget due the success of the first one, so I guess it gets better. I’m going to watch it all just because I own it, and never really got around to finishing it. Well, I did “finish” it but watching the end dubbed with the volume on 2 during a sleepover trying not wake parents up hardly counts as watching. Also, Shinbo did the last episode, so that’s another reason to finish it.

Also, I totally didn’t know Mugihito was in the first episode. Awesome.