lol internet

When I get bored between episodes of obscure anime, I google my name to see if anyone has said funny things about me. I usually come out with nothing, but just now I found this. Apparently it came from /a/

>>8987598 >>8987530 >>8987458 Fuck off wildarmsheero … Oh by all means no, but it couldn’t hurt reiterating what a ronrey loser wildarmsheero is. …”

Unfortunately the thread is gone and it wasn’t cached, so I can only wonder. It seems someone was masquerading as me though, since I was a told to fuck off and I don’t even browse 4chan, let alone post there. Anyone know the thread in question or did it disappear all too fast? I wanna know!

Also, Akagi is pretty great. I get lost in all the Mahjong terms, and can’t follow the copious notes that appear on-screen, but it’s all a good time. Going to try to get up to at least episode 5 tonight, and then maybe fit in another Devil Hunter Yohko episode. It’s going to be nothing but oldies for a while, considering how weak this season is.