Kidney for Sale

Cool cats Jeff and moyism recently divulged to us the awful truths behind how much they spend on anime and anime related goods. This, of course, got me thinking about how much I waste on my sick and twisted hobby for devil worshiping sinners. Now, I come from a fairly well-off family (and I’m sure they hate me very much each time they read this blog) so basically all my living stuff is covered. Thusly, any money I make on my own goes towards CRAP, and I’m horrible at saving. That said, it’s not really all that much, at least compared to those two guys. Then again, they have real jobs, and I’m just a stinky, fat and ugly college student. My personal spending quota for the year usually turns out to be something like ~$1500. Now, this usually covers all the stuff I REALLY want, and lesser things such as DVDs are usually saved as birthday or Christmas presents. Still, if I had a real job, I’d probably be spending a lot more. Probably a bit more than Jeff, but not nearly as much as moy (I don’t see how the man does it!) What follows is my ideal anime crap budget.

  • DVDs- $1000: This is probably too much, as I doubt I’ve ever bought $1000 worth of DVDs in one year, ever. But I’d probably easily spend within that much on DVDs, considering the things I watch and feel like watching again.
  • Figures- $1000: $1000 can get you between 15-20 figures in a year, roughly. Over the past couple of years I’ve amassed 30 figures, so chances are this one will actually be a bit too much also, but it’s always good to have enough budgeted if for some reason they start shooting out 5 figures of each of my favourite characters!
  • Hug Pillows- $1500: Again, I’m probably overshooting here, considering how frequently they come out and how many of them happen to be of characters I care about. They are however expensive, and this also takes into account the more pricey doujin covers/event only covers you’ll see on Yahoo Auctions.
  • Books/Other stuff- $500: I don’t buy much manga, mostly because the titles that come out here don’t interest me much. There are some things I’ve had my eyes on though, and things I’ve put off collecting due to lack of money. So if I could, I’d probably pick up all those with $500 easily, with some left over for the odd artbook.
  • Cons- $1000: I don’t go to many cons, at most two a year, so this is overshooting as well. I usually drop about $300 at cons, but it’s good to have some leeway in case the con happens to have that rare limited edition Shuffle! bedsheet I’ve been wanting…

So, about $5000 total is the hypothetical absolute maximum I’d spend on anime in a year, if I had that kind of money. Not so bad, really. Now, where to get the $5000…