Winter Season ‘08 (part 2)

The second, and probably last round of reviews for the winter season. Only two this time– probably not going to watch much more than this unless someone decides to sub the new Gegege no Kitarou and/or Noramimi.

  • Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-: And I thought they were over-reacting. Then I saw it. I haven’t seen the first one in a bit, so the voice changes didn’t bother me so much, however just about everything else did. Gone is the well thought out cinematic presentation of the original, and instead we are treated to kwality anniemay. This isn’t even average, it’s below average. The animation is stiff, the direction is generic, and the BGM doesn’t work at all. So far the only saving grace for this one may be that I will watch just to see how the story progresses, but in that case I should just shell out for the manga instead. It’s so funny how Artland was able to take a work of art which stood out from the crowd and turn into something that blends far too well into the sea of mediocre anime. Though, I will admit, that one scene with Henrietta hugging Jose’s shirt was quite moe. I need me a job at the Social Welfare Agency!
  • Minami-ke ~Okawari~: After I found out that Ayako wasn’t planning on subbing this, I just went for the raws. I’ve only seen one episode so far, but I honestly don’t see why people angry at it. Beyond the opening, the contents of the show are basically the same. I can’t say I understand many of the jokes, but the direction seems similar, the characters appear to be consistent, and it even looks like it picks up where the last one left off! Asread does a fairly good job with the animation, but the odd shot here and there reminds us of the fact that they’re still newbies. Anyway, I like it. Hopefully someone will pick this up, since most of Minami-ke’s charm lies in the dialogue.

That’s it. Considering the titles this season has to offer, I may just end up watching Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Minami-ke ~Okawari~. Rosario + Vampire is pretty insipid and poorly animated, and Spicy Wolf could go up or down for me. I guess the good part is that I’ll have time to catch up with some older shows.

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6 Responses to Winter Season ‘08 (part 2)

  1. TheBigN says:

    “Though, I will admit, that one scene with Henrietta hugging Jose’s shirt was quite moe. ”

    And that’s why this show will still be watched by many. >_<

  2. Cage says:

    I really want to watch Okawari but need the subs. When did Ayako drop it, and is anyone else going to pick it up?

  3. reckless says:

    Yeah…the new Gunslinger Girl was really disappointing. I’m going into defense mode and denying it exists. Stick to the manga.

  4. TheBigGSN5 says:

    In case you haven’t heard, by way of Animenation:

    Space Adventure Cobra creator Buichi Terasawa’s homepage has formally announced the first details about the revival of the “Cobra the Space Pirate” anime. Coming 26 years after the original Cobra anime television series and motion picture, the new Cobra anime will consist of both an OVA directed by Terasawa, and a TV series directed by Osamu Dezaki, who directed the original Cobra anime in 1982. The new OVA and TV series will be animated by Magic Bus (Burn Up X, NieA_7).

  5. harakiri says:

    “Yeah…the new Gunslinger Girl was really disappointing. Stick to the manga.”

    The new anime series is supervised by the original mangaka so all changes that were made seem to be okay with him. Isn’t that surprising?

    -Il Teatrino- indeed was quite disappointing. I find it a bit sad that they turned the melancholic children into average moe characters (Rico suffered very much from this change). I mean, don’t we have enough moe in other anime?

    Plus, the animation was really horrible, although I wasn’t that surprised by this knowing that studio Artland is behind the second season. Even Bee Train would have done a better job on this.

  6. reckless says:

    “The new anime series is supervised by the original mangaka so all changes that were made seem to be okay with him. Isn’t that surprising?”

    I do find that surprising, especially with the quality of animation and music used in the first season, but I guess he was just happy to have his work animated finally.