Comic Site Rant: Reach for the stars!!

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The comic has gone far too long without giving proper exposition to Tina. This was mostly because I just didn’t know what to do with her. I gave my comic a female character for the obvious reasons, but up till now she’s mostly been an accessory to Rets’ rants. I realized a while ago that I was writing her completely wrong. Given she is wish fulfillment I wrote her as a romantic fantasy, which would probably work ok in some romance story. This, however, is clearly not a romance story– it’s a comedy. Thusly, I’ve started to write her as a character in a comedy. She’s supposed to make you laugh as well as Rets, so I’ve began fleshing her wacky fannish habits. Hopefully it’ll be to your liking. I really like the art here, except for panel 2. Rets is all wrong, and Tina is suffering from big head syndrome, but the rest I think is pretty good. In attempt to flesh out Tina some more, the comic takes place in her room rather than Rets’. We’ve seen her place a couple times but up until now it’s not been much but a vast expanse of blue wall. This time we’re treated to a better view of her bed, with its red comforter, pink pillows and, against my better judgment, FMA pillows. There’s also a Kero-chan plush, so it evens out? Also, some horrible 00 poster. She is a girl, after all.

Unfortunately, I’ve not gotten around to watching any anime today. I woke up at around noon and since then all I’ve done is raked leaves, made this comic, and am currently at my grandparents’ house decorating for Christmas. Hopefully when I get back home I’ll be able to catch up on somethings. Watching Cobra has set me back a few episodes on everything, so I’m currently in catch up mode.

I’ll try to get another comic plus some holiday art out by Christmas, and after that I’ll probably go back to one comic a week. As much as I’d love to do two or three a week, I just don’t have the time. I’d also like some time to update my art site, too.

Anyway, I’m out.