“Cobra” by Yoko Maeno

VOCALS: Yoko Maeno

Darkness falls over town (What’s going on?)
Midnight Fog (Midnight Fog)
If the lonely silhouette moves,
It’s definitely him.
COBRA, leaving me blue
COBRA, missing you true
COBRA, only few memories after you

On your back, that burden that follows you is
The name of a man
This burden will never forgive you!
Peace & Love



It’s litterally impossible to find the lyrics for this song on the internet, so I copied ILA’s translation. Thusly, it’s only the first verse– the full version has one extra verse. I changed the wording around and changed what ILA thought was French to the original English lyrics.

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4 Responses to “Cobra” by Yoko Maeno

  1. christian says:

    Thank you so much.
    i’ve been looking for this one forever :D

    cheers from sweden

  2. artha5 says:

    So even in japanese there aren’t any pages with the lyrics???

  3. jechu79 says:

    hi….the lyrics for this song:

    Machi o tsutsumu (what’s going on ?) Midnight fog
    Kodoku na Silhouette ugoki daseba
    Sore wa magiremonaku yatsu sa

    Cobra Leaving me blue
    Cobra Missing you true
    Cobra Only few memories after you

    Senaka ni matoitsuku kageriba
    Otoko to iu nano monogatari
    Yurusareru ha sumonai Peace and Love