Review: MagiPokaa DVD Specials

I figure since this is an anime blog I should do things like review anime and not go on for hours on how various aspects of fandom bother me. So, here we are, a review of the Renkin 3-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan DVD specials. These are little OVAs that were extras with the DVD release, if they weren’t I guess they wouldn’t be called DVD specials.

MagiPokaa is a show about four princesses (actually five, one is invisible) who have come from the World of Magic to the human world in order to adapt to human life for one reason or another. The show is mostly episodic, with each plot being cute, charming and all that other shit. You can read more on Wikipedia, if you want.

Anyway, these specials each clock in about half episode length– around 12 minutes and are really just no more that extra fun and wacky adventures. The first episode is based around the story of Momotarou, using the girls as the main characters; the second one is a series of “what if” situations showing what the girls would do as doctors; and the third one is about Valentine’s Day and misunderstandings. I won’t say any of these are really laugh out loud funny, but they’re cute, entertaining diversions, which are perfect after a long day of Harsh Adult Life. Laughs come when they need to, and are evenly spread throughout each episode.

Animation quality is below average, with a lot of cheap tricks being applied, but it’s fine since the character are always rendered nicely and the simplistic animation style works fairly well considering these are just DVD extras. It’s a lot better than the same studio’s abortion of a Doujin Work anime, but I suppose that isn’t saying much.

If you liked the original MagiPokaa series, you’ll like this as it’s really just more of the same. MagiPokaa always struck me as pointless otaku garbage done right and is one of the most inoffensive shows I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s never bad, but always entertaining with a few really good moments here and there. If you like a good time, you’ll get a kick out of it. However if you’re the kind of individual who only enjoys pretentious, mainstream BS like Gundam 00 then look elsewhere because this isn’t for twats like you.

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