Dead Line Dance, Death

The Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei character song album is probably worth your money, or at the very least your download. Me, being the cheap son of a bitch that I am have not bought it (actually, last night was the first I heard of it) but it’s pretty rockin’, so I plan to! In the same way that I keep meaning to buy that Air OST, or that Tsukuyomi Best Collection, or that Pani Poni Dash OST, or all those Pizzicato Five CDs. This shit costs money, ok. Anyway, I don’t have anything of a musical vocabulary at all, but from what I can tell most of these songs cover a wide variety of musical genres with a wacky JapperKnees twist. Probably not something to listen to around the ippanjin, but a must for all you sick connoisseurs of wotaku music (such as myself.)

Sample Tracks

Also, a.f.k. put out another episode.

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