Evangelion: “Now in a shiny metal box” Edition

Spotted at Best Buy while on my way back from buying art supplies. Right above it was this, which I considered buying, but passed on. I guess for $44 it was pretty cheap.

You know, thinking back, it probably wasn’t the crumbling industry that killed Geneon, but the fact that they just can’t print money at will. I mean, just look at this! ADV can just keep re-releasing Eva and people will keep buying (if people weren’t buying, why would they keep releasing it?) Same with Funi and their over 9000 releases of DBZ. What bothers me about these companies is that they waste what they have on shit, while Geneon, who couldn’t print free money had to get all the good niche titles that no one bought, and that’s why they crumbled.

This issue of the industry going down has been on my mind for a bit. Why wouldn’t it? Everyone’s talking about it. Once I get time I may write something kind of substantial about this.

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11 Responses to Evangelion: “Now in a shiny metal box” Edition

  1. Annubis says:

    What ? The ultimate set ??? It better have some kind of art book or figurine if it wants to deserve that name =/

  2. Totali says:

    You can never have enough Eva merch. Never.

    ….DBZ OWNS!

  3. Anonymous.rar says:

    Pff, I’ll wait for the SUPAH BOX SET that will invetably come out once the six new movies have been released. (The six being the live action, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and that chibi bullshit.)

  4. rikchik says:

    Anonymous.rar, at this rate they’ll keep making spinoff material until one of the voices dies. And then they’ll remake the whole thing in an “It’s a Wonderful Life”-style “what if there was no Shinji?” version. IT WILL NEVER END!

  5. DiGiKerot says:

    They’ve re-released Nadia and Abenobashi in similar boxes as well. It seems to me that they’re just pushing out all their Gainax titles again pending news of Gurren Laganns eventual release.

  6. digitalboy says:

    you know ‘niche titles’ links to Glass Fleet again, right? That can’t be right…

    Anywho, FUCK the Eva re-release. I’m fine with what I have, which is one thinpack and one box with 2 movies in it.

  7. oops, meant to link to kamichu

  8. Generic_Mistake says:

    Ya i was going to say something about the whole glass feet thing.

    Sigh I still need to get a hold of Eva, maybe I will get what digitalboy has. Seeing as how I love the show but whenever i watch it depresses the crap out of me. I still would like to own it because the show is amazing. I just never want tp pay for something that makes me want to go emo every time i watch, when i could put that same money to something like gurren lagann that makes me cry pure manliness.

  9. Anonymous.rar says:

    Technically since my old copy of eva was a Chinatown bootleg, that I gave away, I may have to purchase a new set sometime. Doesn’t change that I’ll wait for the aforementioned SUPAH SET, but still…
    Also, you say it was $44 but the price tag say $99. Major markdowns?

  10. The Ah! My Goddess set was 44 dollars. Though you can get Eva for around the same price, it’ll just lack a shiny metal box.

  11. Andrew F. says:

    I’m a big fan of Eva, but this made me roll my eyes just a little bit. “Shiny metal box” is right–from what I can tell, the discs don’t have anything that wasn’t on the original Platinum release, so the only thing new here is the tin, which doesn’t really have any artwork to speak of. MSRP for the set is $129.99, compared to $89.99 for the thinpak set–you’re paying a forty-dollar premium for a tin that couldn’t have cost more than ten bucks to manufacture and extras which were created for the single release. Hell, if the extras mean that much to you (they’re decent, though you really expect more for something like Eva), just grab the singles from Right Stuf for $7.99 each.

    Nothing against ADV for this–it’s not like they’re forcing anyone to buy it–but yeesh…