The US anime industry is crumbling at our very feet

Image of Hazuki just because

Our good ol’ buddy Justin Sevakis wrote a little piece over at the ANN talking about the crumbling US anime industry. This is kind of the same stuff we’ve been hearing for a while, but apparently it’s fucking dire now. Some other cool dudes have written things about it, and we’re also having something of a discussion over here.

Apparently I’m in the minority when it comes to ditching my fansubs once the official releases hit. Near as I’m concerned, fansubs have nothing on US releases, and I’d much rather have a polished US release over some fansub. But I guess I’m old fashioned in wanting to support things I love. That said, I don’t buy every fucking thing I download. No, not at all. Fansubs are my way of keeping current with the Japanese fans, and like the Japanese fans, if I like the show, I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out. Yeah, I’m still stealing, but at least I support the stuff I like, and I’m fine with that.

Other than that, I have nothing more to say on this, so I’ll just sit back and watch.

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11 Responses to The US anime industry is crumbling at our very feet

  1. Annubis says:

    Well I guess this is great news for the fansub groups =/

  2. Zanz says:

    I would buy more anime dvds if half the of the new stuff wasn’t crap. There is a virtual goldmine of classics no one ever touches and I’m pretty sure their older fan base have pockets big enough to buy them.

  3. plounted says:

    well, the us doesnt release most of the stuff i want to watch.

    i would buy shigurui if it ever got released.

    but also, free stuff is always better.

  4. roast-beefy says:

    I’ll stop downloading anime fansubs when…wait, no. I’ll never stop.

  5. Calawain says:

    There’s a lot of jabbering on both sides, but nothing is really being done. If they actually start offering paid downloads without massive DRM restrictions then we can have a real debate. Until then the industry is going to slowly bleed out because it refuses to make changes. Maybe they should go re-learn basic capitalist theory.

  6. digitalboy says:

    I’m pretty much on the same page as wildarms.

  7. BrendantheJedi says:

    I really can’t say anything either, but this.

    While most of the time I personally hate Bandai of America for their horrible business practices, they have gotten on the ball. Their current business model for releasing shows (as seen with Haruhi, Eureka 7, and Gundam Seed Destiny) is the best bet, which of course is packing as much shit into their DVDs as possible and charging like 50 or 60 a pop. While it is appealing to non-fans, but the hardcore collectors (who are the people who buy DVDs anyways) it makes perfect fucking sense, and as we know personally, fanboys can buy anything.

    Regardless, the American companies do need to step the fuck up.

  8. TheBigGSN5 says:

    “It’s not uncommon now for a DVD to not even make back the cost of the dubbing,”

    A-If only there were some way to deal with this…some way…
    B-Stop making stupid English dubs in the first place?
    A-Ha ha, you so crazy.

  9. MephistophelesReborn says:

    very touchy subject here, at least in the first world…
    for in the third-world hellhole that I have been exiled to, NO ONE cares about author’s rights!
    Heck, here in South America you can buy fansub DVDs with 12+ episodes on each for about $1 a disk in fucking broad goddam daylight.
    Fuck, you can even choose your buys from a catalog from at least 30+ stands all selling anime.
    The only drawback is that their stuff is always about 2-3 months behind CR.

    But besides that, it rocks!
    with less than $100, I have amassed an entire Noa’s Ark of anime.

  10. Definitely on the same page as you, wildarmsheero. I won’t buy every series I download, but the ones I like will get a place in my library. I’ll even humor them by trying the dub. Hey, it works sometimes! (Is in the minority, but likes the Haruhi dub.)

  11. Cloro says:

    god the failure of the US industry is the overpricing of the damn DVD even though that Kanon DvD have a nice price is made by ADV.

    but when you think about it 22 bucks + ADV dub = wtf… im goin to buy but… man i live in latin america and with 30 (counting S/h) is a nice money but man 30 bucks in any country are 30 bucks.

    im on the same boat as some here i download stuff but i buy original things but mainly mangas because at least the translation is pretty good and they cant screw it that easily