Colour class

Anime directors, producers, character designers…

Bad drawing of Nagi

Dumb Yamato rip-off and giant robot demon thing grabbing a planet

Stupid looking robot that is bigger that multiple galaxies fighting a giant head (which has a very giant body)

Plan for new site headerĀ 

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5 Responses to Colour class

  1. digitalboy says:

    I like all of them, and I actually think that’s one of your best NAgi’s yet – for once you didn’t fail to emulate the regular style and just drew her in your own style. Unless you really were tryng to be the regular style XD

    Might I ask why Shinkai is a house? XD otherwise, though, fucking WOIN with the directors. (would have had ABe on my paper…)

  2. DS says:

    No drawing of Nagi can be bad if it is filled with love the character, and you have that in abundance dude!

  3. ik says:

    I actually really like your drawings of manly/rugged men. Lots of personality in them!

  4. GlassBullet says:

    That’s by no means a bad drawing of Nagi. And the new site header looks pretty badass.

  5. MegaVolt says:

    Yeah, new site header is awesome.