when the kids sing out the future/ maybe, kids don’t need the masters/ just waiting for the little busters, oh yeah. yeah yeah yeah.

Unlike all the other kids these days, I do not have a fancy-schmancy mp3 player. This is because I don’t feel such a thing would be worth the investment (however, considering how often I travel on a daily basis, it probably would be, I’m just cheap.) Therefore, whenever I go out on extended road trips and the like, I bring along my bulky CD player and CD-catalog. Now, I usually listen to music on my PC, and usually just to the songs on my PC, as I can’t be arsed to import or push CDs in and out of the thing too much. So, basically what I’m saying is, I rarely listen to my CD collection. This is a shame, because there are a lot of great things in there. On my way to a wedding last night, I popped the second FLCL soundtrack into my portable CD player and fell in love with it all over again.

I don’t like rock music too much, but The Pillows have this kind of raw spirit that I just totally dig. However, the problem with the FLCL soundtrack is, while wild and cool, it is just a soundtrack, so most of the songs are instrumental. While that isn’t so bad, my favourite songs across the two discs are the ones with vocals. Crazy Sunsine, Blues Drive Monster and Last Dinosaur to name a few.

Thanks to FLCL’s success over here in the states, a lot of The Pillows’ records have been released domestically and can be acquired for cheap. So, what I’m asking is, anyone know any good Pillows records? If they are one of the domestic releases, that’d be even better. I’m trying to expand my musical taste beyond the anison a bit. Thanks.