Guys, I figured it out. It’s LOGIC that keeps us down. If we just abandon all LOGIC everything will turn out for the better! This striking epiphany hit me while I was thinking about the complex themes behind The Greatest Anime Ever. Who the fuck needs logic? Seriously, FUCK THAT. Dwelling on things such as logic just makes a you a boring and predictable person who leads a boring and predictable existence. So, that is why, as of RIGHT NOW, I’m abandoning all logic and acting purely on emotion. By emotion I don’t mean shitty and dumb emotions like depression, I mean MAN emotions like HOT BLOODED PASSION THAT BREAKS HOLES THROUGH THE UNIVERSE AND INTO TOMORROW. I feel by doing so my life will benefit greatly.

Yeah, it’s like almost 3:00am, and this came to me while I was flipping through some issues of Megami. I’ve been running around most of today, and I’ve had to fly, so it’s been kind of a Long Day. I just needed to get all that whateveritis out of my system.

God this is turning into a LiveJournal. If I have time I’ll write about this strange musing I had which involved comparing Death Note to The Godfather movies.

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2 Responses to ultimate

  1. Jusuchin says:

    Without people with locgic, there is no server to host this blog. I saw leave a few boring people behind to support the rest of you guys.

    I’ll be in the shadows…cracking the whip so the logical people can get to work maintaining the servers.

  2. plounted says:

    i would actually challenge that greatest anime ever thing, much to the chagrin of many people i know.