Guys, I figured it out. It’s LOGIC that keeps us down. If we just abandon all LOGIC everything will turn out for the better! This striking epiphany hit me while I was thinking about the complex themes behind The Greatest Anime Ever. Who the fuck needs logic? Seriously, FUCK THAT. Dwelling on things such as logic just makes a you a boring and predictable person who leads a boring and predictable existence. So, that is why, as of RIGHT NOW, I’m abandoning all logic and acting purely on emotion. By emotion I don’t mean shitty and dumb emotions like depression, I mean MAN emotions like HOT BLOODED PASSION THAT BREAKS HOLES THROUGH THE UNIVERSE AND INTO TOMORROW. I feel by doing so my life will benefit greatly.

Yeah, it’s like almost 3:00am, and this came to me while I was flipping through some issues of Megami. I’ve been running around most of today, and I’ve had to fly, so it’s been kind of a Long Day. I just needed to get all that whateveritis out of my system.

God this is turning into a LiveJournal. If I have time I’ll write about this strange musing I had which involved comparing Death Note to The Godfather movies.