A Humbert Humbert for the Twenty-First Century

“To start with, the heroines of erotic games are no more than fictional characters, drawn with two-dimensional computer graphics. In order to express innocence, purity, and femininity, there’s no personification more appropriate than a little girl, is there? We’re relaxed by the symbol of the little girl. And when they’re 2D characters, they have no chances of dealing any blows to our fragile emotional state. On top of that, the motif becomes that of the weakest character possible in social, physical and emotional senses–the little girl. Because of that double safety lock, we are protected from being hurt, and we can escape for fear of being rejected. That is to say, this is the true meaning of moe: ideal, young, innocent femininity.”

–Welcome to the NHK, Chapter 5, Page 76

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6 Responses to A Humbert Humbert for the Twenty-First Century

  1. digitalboy says:

    god I fucking love NHK.

  2. Link says:

    I should buy this book.

  3. Generic_Mistake says:

    I just read it about a week ago out of all 3 versions of NHK i found the novel to be the most “real” probably because the manga and anime are there to entertain more then they are there to stay realistic. But That was a great quote from that book, it was the most enjoyable Ver. of the NHK i have seen so far (can’t say it better then the manga for sure because it is not done here yet and i hate reading manga on the computer when i do not have too).

  4. texasrangerken says:

    Maybe it’s because I saw it first, but I prefer the anime over the manga. It’s a great book, but the manga just takes things a little over the edge. Besides, sound effects make the anime awesome.

  5. This is from the novel though, which is better than both of them.

    I think as far as quality goes, it’s Novel > Anime > Manga. And for the record, I read the manga first.