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13 Responses to ITAI… ITAI!

  1. Shiro says:

    This has to be my favorite post by you.

  2. “Kokoro-chan, your hair smells so sweet”

  3. digitalboy says:

    Ugh, I need to sign up for that site…

  4. Oh, I forgot I ripped it before youtube deleted it:

    Link is the same vid minus annoying subtitles.

  5. digitalboy says:

    Most amazing song ever. Period.

  6. digitalboy says:

    oh, but it still has annoying subtitles. Also is super-tiny.

  7. If I somehow stumble across the original on Share then I’ll put it up. However, searching for “loli” or “lolicon” gives you some very terrible and illegal results so I stay away from those keywords.

  8. manga says:

    No Usa? No Kokonoe?
    Boring movie.

  9. It was made pre KNJ anime

  10. uncreative says:

    I think I saw this a long time ago when you linked it at random in some thread or another. I’m so glad that I can’t understand more than the (frustratingly catchy) chorus.

    I will be trying very hard not to sing this to myself for the rest of the day.

  11. Translator says:

    Man these lyrics are creepy and seem to refer more to 3D-pedos than anime otakus.
    So don’t fall for the tune even if you find it catchy…

    Quick and rough translation by me:

    I like children
    Although mom begs me and scolds me,
    Busty girls leave me unsatisfied
    I like innocent children
    Without fully developed body hair
    Who smell sweetly

    Lo Li I Ta
    I am a lolicon
    Lo Li I Ta
    I am a dangerous big brother

    After cram school I’m gonna pick you up
    Play with me in the sandbox
    If it gets hot, take off your clothes
    I will content myself just with looking
    Hey, if you touch (me?, it?),
    It will grow big(?) / Something big will move(?)

    Lo Li I Ta
    I am a lolicon
    Lo Li I Ta
    The Forbidden Fruit

    Mom and dad, I’m sorry
    Forgive me, I’m a bad child, right?
    But… I like children!

    Lo Li I Ta
    I am abnormal
    Lo Li I Ta
    I’m quite a pervert

    Lo Li I Ta
    I am a lolicon
    Lo Li I Ta
    The Forbidden Fruit

  12. one of the original videos is matched the clips of real kids, hurrrrrrrrrrrrr

    it’s funny because it’s creepy

  13. lurker says:

    I think the caption of the Kokoro scene from summer days is creepy enough wild, heh..

    Where’s a golf club when you need one…