:mad: pt III Be Forever, Internet Dorama

In this final installment of my epic and experimental :mad: saga (with an anime adapation directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, animated by SHAFT coming next summer) I will clear up some misconceptions that have been floating around (mostly in Mr. Mirage’s hive of scum and villainy (note: not nearly as cool as Mos Eisley.)) Yes, it’ll be an all new, all sexy, and all wonderful grand finale that clear up all the loose ends and blow you right off your seat to the back of the cinema. It’ll contain gripping drama, as the characters come to figure out just who the hell they are and then sacrifice their lives the for the sake of the universe. It’ll be dark and introspective piece, one that’ll go out with a bang. No survivors! Except me! Because I rock!

BONUS MATERIALS include a deep and insightful audio commentary by me, the original author as I read DM’s response to my original posts, and make fun of it, along with making fun of his readers, then making fun of the people who hilariously flamed me on this very blog! It’s all fun and games, so stick around! Actually not this is the most boring post of them all and the party’s already over, but like Final Yamato, I’ll give you guys the ending you all want, even if it is a bit late.

Ok, time for the boring bit: First off my post wasn’t about Gundam. I understand how many of you would think that it is, and that’s partly my fault for focusing so much on Gundam and not making myself perfectly clear. I used Gundam as an illustration show how anime and its fans have changed over time, and how this change really bothers me. That’s all.

Secondly, scanning DM’s comments to make sure I’m not crazy, it seems a decent number of his minions think the entire post was directed at him. DM seems to think this as well, reading his opening paragraphs. No, I just used him as an example of the kind of fan that really pisses me off. I could have used anyone, but he’s just so good at being a bad blogger.

Thirdly, I do understand that’s it’s silly to get mad at people for having opinions, but something does need to be said about how the current generation of fans has no awareness (and at times) no respect for what came before. And in general people need a kick in the nads every now and then.

Bonus Audio Section: download

Recording this just reminded me that I suck at public speaking. Oh well, it has Giant Robo music so it’s awesome.

And so ends my latest masterwork. I can see you all enjoyed it, but sadly I’ll be keeping quite for a while, until I can find something else that pisses me off enough to rant angrily about then derive pleasure from its responses. Later :D

do you remember that old lullaby?

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35 Responses to :mad: pt III Be Forever, Internet Dorama

  1. ps tell me if the mp3 encode is ok because i can only listen to my own voice for so long before going mad

  2. digitalboy says:

    podcast was fucking great, man. I enjoyed it, and agree with your points.

  3. digitalboy says:

    oi, to the comment that magically appeared, it is. Also, I do agree that your voice ppretty much sucks ass. You sound like a complete bitch :p

  4. tj han says:

    You seem to be pals with Drmchrso. Thinking of forming the troll alliance?

    Can we pit our trolls against each other and see who wins?

  5. as says:

    oh god clipping

  6. you’re bothered over that and not my terrible nerdy nerd voice. hey, at least it has a masamichi amano soundtrack backing it.

    “You seem to be pals with Drmchrso. Thinking of forming the troll alliance?”
    So long as we wear Zeon Uniforms. And I get to be Char.

  7. TheBigN says:

    tjhan: Drm apparently started fanboying wah sometime ago. Fun times are to be had with that. :P

  8. Demian says:


    God, I love Giant Robo. One of the best soundtracks ever.

  9. myu says:

    Thanks for the great show, it was fun. ^^

  10. wildarmsshiro says:

    I’m so disappointed in this podcast. Not only have you completely disgraced what would otherwise be fairly epic soundtrack, but your podcasts are so unprofessional that you can’t even take advantage of the music properly. It just serves as a backdrop for your childish complaining, which is a shame.

    It’s cute that you pretended that these comments didn’t have much of an effect on you. Low blows? I think I brought up fairly valid points, which I shall sum up here:

    1. You are ugly.
    2. Your parents probably hate you.
    3. You are a 19 year old TOOL. You have no right to act like an elitist regarding anime.
    4. You have a JEWFRO.
    5. You are a pedophile.
    6. You will never touch a real woman without plying her with money/booze first.
    7. You will regret this ‘blog’ one day.

    You have shown that our comments indeed left an impression by creating this pathetic podcast. I’m sure Char would be extremely ashamed of you, considering your behavior is so embarassing. After all, who would be proud of a 19 year old loli-chaser who spends his time drawing shitty fanart of underage girl? I can’t think of a single instance where his love interest (all one of them) was younger than 13. I suggest you wear a paper bag over your head for the rest of your life as atonement.

  11. ok

    you seem to be missing the main reason why i love this man

    also, the jewfros been cut. my hair is now quite short. as for the rest of it, I mostly agree, so whatever :)

    Here, have a nice dream

  12. wildarmsshiro says:

    I wouldn’t be so offended if I didn’t love the man myself. The prototype for Milliardo Peacecraft, he’s left the Toonami generation with a never ending hardon. Too bad you’re absolutely nothing like him.

  13. I don’t really wanna be like Char. That would involve bleaching my beautiful Persian hair.

    also Peacecraft was a fag.

  14. digitalboy says:

    OMG you cut your awesome jefro?! Damn you to hell!

  15. DrmChsr0 says:

    Char’s milkshake brings all the lolis to his yard.

    Too bad his heart is only for Lalah (or Amuro, depending on your sexual orientation.).

    Char, pedo, joke done.

  16. roast-beefy says:

    So I just listened to the cast and saw the picture of you. I have a lot to say, but I’ll just sum it up with:

    What the fuck did you do to your hair. Grow it back now.

    Also: Bad is a bad thing.

  17. JC says:

    Here from Fandom Wank, and it was totally worth the trip.

    Jesus christ, that’s a lot of words about the internet. I guess those flames hit a little too close to home, didn’t they?

    I’ve seen like one gundam series, so I don’t give a fuck about this animu whining. But shit, I thought fanboys this pathetic only existed in horrible internet mythology. You’re like the poster boy of eternal virginity.

    I cannot believe you got a pillow with some animated little girl on it and call her your wife. Do realize how completely and utterly fucked up you are? I bet thing smells like dead fish and is crispy as the bacon bits undoubtedly fermenting in your folds of lard.

    Shine on, sweet weeaboo, shine on!

  18. kee says:

    “Um, you know, this is, uh, boring… and, uh, cliche, and uh… you know, you’re wrong and uh, yeah…”

    Wow, I bet the people you delivered this verbal thrashing to are sure regretting taking you on. That razor wit cuts deep!

    The only thing about this that brings the lulz is listening to you stumble and pause awkwardly as you try your hardest to shrug off criticisms coming from people you don’t even know, over the damn internet.

  19. uareafag says:

    ha ha what a stupid faggot

  20. Link says:

    Don’t you mean stupid nigger? It’s more accurate.

  21. Ann O Nomous says:

    Your a weeaboo faggot. You should kill yourself.

  22. anon says:


  23. Jana says:

    Says the arbiter of class using “faggy” and “gay” as insults.

    Please, tell us which naughty words you don’t approve of, wildarmsheero of the moral high ground!

  24. He said “your” instead of “you’re.” In that context he was supposed to use the contraction.

    You fag.

  25. wildarmsheero says:

    Dudes should never fuck other dudes. That’s just nasty.

    They should fuck crusty, tuna-smelling pillows like me! That’s what a real man does, let me tell you.

  26. anonymouse says:

    racial slurs are a-ok but make grammatical errors on my animu blog and it’s fuckin ON boy

  27. I don’t care about racial slurs since I’m every race ever.

    People must take care of their English, though. It’s a beautiful language which gets butchered far too much.

  28. Jana says:

    Then take your own advice and spell drama properly.

    Oh wait, that would mean tearing your crater-faced gaze away from the pictures of little girls in swimsuits all over your wall.

    “I wouldn’t be so offended if I didn’t love the man myself. The prototype for Milliardo Peacecraft, he’s left the Toonami generation with a never ending hardon. Too bad you’re absolutely nothing like him.”

    Wildarmsheero disapproves of “faggotry”, but it’s not gay if they’re animated, guys. Feel free to drool over that 2D cock. Just like it’s not pedophilia as long as the little girls are cartoons on posters!

  29. Dorama is a joke on how the Japanese pronounce drama, and it’s kind of a meme amongst anime fans. Do your research, yeesh.

    You know all your insults are just getting really lame and uncreative. They were fun at at first, but now they’re just boring. You guys fail at being clever. :(

    Now, those SA guys, they knew how to STING. Those were some QUALITY insults.

    >Oh wait, that would mean tearing your crater-faced gaze away from the pictures of little girls in swimsuits all over your wall.

    Don’t forget the pillows. I just had a fun night with Sanzenin Nagi :3

  30. anon-legion says:

    Why the hell would anyone waste their time “researching” retarded animu trends and wapanese abuses of language?

    Ha ha, stock troll reply number 10: “Your insults suck and you bore me. Yawn.” Just add a bunch of you-knows, umms and 10 second pauses and you have the wildarmsheero podcast!

    What’ll it be next? “I planned this from the beginning. Dance, my puppets, dance!” Or maybe, “Ha ha ha, I’m totally rolling with the punches!”

  31. Actually that’s true. However, since the party is long over, the infiltration by the mundanes down at FW is kind of a pain in my side that I rather not deal with at the moment.

    >Why the hell would anyone waste their time “researching” retarded animu trends and wapanese abuses of language?

    Because it’s interesting? Why do people study anything?

  32. bbq says:


    jesus fucking christ are you a furry on top of everything else?

  33. Anonymous.rar says:

    This is the worst internet bitch fight ever. I’m saying that to all sides.

  34. the voice of reason says:

    >Why the hell would anyone waste their time “researching” retarded animu trends and wapanese abuses of language?

    Why the hell would anyone care enough about some little online comic to actually take the time to articulate a comment that is meant for nothing other than to be a complete asshole? You’re all fucktards. Get over it. You’d all be standing there with your dicks tucked between your legs if you didn’t have a veil of anonymity.