Giant Robo is the best anime ever

Because of this

In the words of a poet, “Finger snapping guy ROCKS!”

I need to see Giant Robo again. I saw it once about a year ago and really fucking liked it once I got over the fact that it wasn’t about super retro robot designs and actually about super heroes with awesome super powers. I need to watch it again, and so you should you! If you’re an awesome person who likes awesome things, you’ll love this. Andrew Cunningham calls it the greatest anime of all time, so if you don’t want to listen to me, at least to listen to him! He translates your Japanese crap!

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6 Responses to Giant Robo is the best anime ever

  1. harakiri says:

    I need to watch that some time, too.

    The OP of Ep. 1 makes me think of Hideaki Anno’s Nadia. Because of the lasers and those mysterious men with capes.

  2. Demian says:

    Kamen Rider music really does fit Giant Robo. It’s ultimate manlyness in musical form.

  3. TheBigN says:

    “In the words of a poet, “Finger snapping guy ROCKS!””

    Indeed, from that clip, and from what others have said about him.

    The music’s not bad either. I’ve only seen 2 out of 7 OVA episodes though, so I really should finish it. So awesome.

  4. all the best shit happens in like the last 2 or 3 eps.

  5. tomoyo says:

    Harakiri, it very well should make you think of Nadia. The enemy in Nadia, Gargoyle, was modeled after the Gargoyle enemy in the original Mitsuteru Yokoyama Giant Robo live-action show and manga. Hideaki Anno was also a guest animator in that Giant Robo episode.