:mad: intermission ALSO sexy preview footage of :mad: 3

Sexy intermission music, by the house’s very own Isao Sasaki. Give him a clap, will you?!

I expressed distinct displeasure over getting level headed, somewhat well thought out responses to my epic fits of madness. However, times are changing with the comments left by Ashley (a crazy and angry woman, which are the funniest kinds of women) and wildarmshiro (I assume he is a bizzaro version of myself from Earth 942356 in one of our many wonderful alternate universes.) I’m quite happy with the amount of drama I’ve created. It really does put a giant smile on my face to read things like this and hilarious comments that go with it. This is almost as good as when I got banned from Something Awful.

ANYWAY, :mad: 3, the sexy final installment in this trillogy of terror will MOST PROBABLY BE a special installment in the MISTAKES OF YOUTH PODCAST (which is kind of on hiatus.) Here is a preview of what to expect.

Hey, I can’t talk right at 2am! But it gives me something to do since I can’t fukken sleep. I guess sitting on your arse doing nothing all day can do that to someone.

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10 Responses to :mad: intermission ALSO sexy preview footage of :mad: 3

  1. DrmChsr0 says:


    Write it out, like a real man should.

    Or provide us with a transcript, darnit.

  2. I thought speaking would be manlier since you could hear my geeky voice in all its awesome glory.

  3. roast-beefy says:

    This podcast…

    Gay. No seriously, you sound so gay :)

    I’ll make sure to give it a listen.

  4. BrendantheJedi says:

    Though I disagree with you fervently on 00, I think this shit has become the most hilarious shit ever. Can’t wait for a comic based on it as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >>Write it out, like a real man should.
    Real men don’t waste time with silly things like scripts. Also, the tone of voice is not appropriate, you need to UNLEASH THE MOTHERFUCKING FURY in order to get the message around in a better way and increase your and our lulz.

  6. Yes, I should.

    Looking back on it now, I’ll do a mixture of both. A written section clearing misconceptions that seem to be flying around (the boring bit) and then do a running commentary on DM’s entry and some of the better comments I’ve got in the past few days in the podcast.

    Then after that I’ll be done with it.

  7. Tidus says:

    no offense dude.

    but you start this shit first by naming DM’s blog a gay fanboy and called his blog “fu8king sucks

    Any rational normal person of course will get freaking offended and post a retaliatory entry. Even u rant, it is wrong to flame others. Everyone is different and hav their own opinions

    You just make a mistake of youth.

  8. wildarmheero says:

    I’d really like my podcast, please. I get such a huge amount of pleasure hearing your voice read my words out loud, it’s like an instant orgasm. If only I had some screenprinted lolita pillows, I could bask in the warmth of your voice and indulge in your favorite pasttime. Just think, once you’re done recording, you can playback and have a nice slow wank with your favorite CCS figure.

    And if you were to draw a comic, that’d be even better. Seeing what you think I look like rendered in your shitty style would be the absolute epitome of my pathetic internet troll life. You should give in to all my whims, get down on your knees, and give me a blowjob, since you’re already giving me the verbal equivelent.

    So please, humor me, and finish the podcast and draw up a comic. Make sure you draw me nice and burly with plenty of chesthair, since I am indeed more of a man than you are.

  9. wildarmsheero says:

    Ah yes, another classic puppetmaster into “i feed off this shit” defense from a trolled individual on the internet, very interesting *strokes neckbeard*

  10. WildKid says:

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!