This is the super awesome sequel to my previous super awesome post. Unfortunately this post will probably make sense and be somewhat intelligible as it is not written while I bang my head against a wall. Well, the sequel can never be as good as the original, I suppose.

While I did not get disjointed fits of rage and luls in response (instead I got boring level-headed responses) I did learn a lot about the general mindset of the anime blogging community, which is something that has perplexed me for ages.

Basically, they’re mostly a bunch of pussy faggots.

Allow me to explain myself. This came to light when I got the “those old shows were good in their time” responses. In particular, tjhan’s sentiment of the original Gundam shows being shit, and their only merit being that they set the scene for “much better” shows like MS Igloo and 08th MS Team. Now, I’ve not seen MS Igloo (mostly because 3D CG is the bane of my existence) but I have seen 08th MS Team. I think 08th is a good show, but mostly for the attention to detail and Kawamoto’s character designs. It suffers from new Gundam syndrome a bit in that it’s written by pussies. Gundam has always been anti-war, but the old and new have very different ways about communicating this message. The way old Gundam did it was killing off everyone and having the viewer come to the conclusion that war is bad. New Gundam has pretty boys whine and cry about war being bad, and when there are deaths, the characters usually come back due to some contrived plot element. I should note that original Gundam also contains the force of nature that is Mr.Bright. Honestly, I’d watch new Gundam if only they had a Bright character to slap these faggy pretty boys into shape.

So, basically the thing here is that there is a distinct lack of manly passion in anime fans these days. It’s not that older works are shit, it’s that most newer mainstream works pander so heavily to the faggy mindset that plagues today’s youth. And that’s why they like them. Because they are faggots. Either that or they hate things that “look old”, and that’s pretty gay too.

I am thankful that most otaku shows are still aimed at men though, what with copious amounts naked chicks and the like. Sure, as far as savage manliness goes, it’s nothing compared to things like this, but it’s good to know such things are still considered when we live in a word that has people fagging out over shoujo or cumming buckets over horrible mainstream garbage.

Ok, that’s enough from me. I’m quite happy now, and off to watch FINAL YAMATO. The longest animated movie EVER. Apparently Kodai and Yuki fuck in the end. PS, spoilers.