This is the super awesome sequel to my previous super awesome post. Unfortunately this post will probably make sense and be somewhat intelligible as it is not written while I bang my head against a wall. Well, the sequel can never be as good as the original, I suppose.

While I did not get disjointed fits of rage and luls in response (instead I got boring level-headed responses) I did learn a lot about the general mindset of the anime blogging community, which is something that has perplexed me for ages.

Basically, they’re mostly a bunch of pussy faggots.

Allow me to explain myself. This came to light when I got the “those old shows were good in their time” responses. In particular, tjhan’s sentiment of the original Gundam shows being shit, and their only merit being that they set the scene for “much better” shows like MS Igloo and 08th MS Team. Now, I’ve not seen MS Igloo (mostly because 3D CG is the bane of my existence) but I have seen 08th MS Team. I think 08th is a good show, but mostly for the attention to detail and Kawamoto’s character designs. It suffers from new Gundam syndrome a bit in that it’s written by pussies. Gundam has always been anti-war, but the old and new have very different ways about communicating this message. The way old Gundam did it was killing off everyone and having the viewer come to the conclusion that war is bad. New Gundam has pretty boys whine and cry about war being bad, and when there are deaths, the characters usually come back due to some contrived plot element. I should note that original Gundam also contains the force of nature that is Mr.Bright. Honestly, I’d watch new Gundam if only they had a Bright character to slap these faggy pretty boys into shape.

So, basically the thing here is that there is a distinct lack of manly passion in anime fans these days. It’s not that older works are shit, it’s that most newer mainstream works pander so heavily to the faggy mindset that plagues today’s youth. And that’s why they like them. Because they are faggots. Either that or they hate things that “look old”, and that’s pretty gay too.

I am thankful that most otaku shows are still aimed at men though, what with copious amounts naked chicks and the like. Sure, as far as savage manliness goes, it’s nothing compared to things like this, but it’s good to know such things are still considered when we live in a word that has people fagging out over shoujo or cumming buckets over horrible mainstream garbage.

Ok, that’s enough from me. I’m quite happy now, and off to watch FINAL YAMATO. The longest animated movie EVER. Apparently Kodai and Yuki fuck in the end. PS, spoilers.

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24 Responses to :mad: pt II FAREWELL WARRIORS OF LOVE

  1. DrmChsr0 says:

    Your mom is faggy.

  2. roast-beefy says:

    I’d make a your mom joke too but I have a good reason not to do that here (lol inside joke?)

    This post was much better than the previous one. It had more raw emotion. It really showed your true colors. Which are mainly black. You are very black. I’d go so far as to say you are a black person.

    Also, I wish Hokuto no Ken was shorter so I could watch it too. For now I’ll be happy with Otokojuku 6

  3. Sagacious C says:

    > “I did not get disjointed fits of rage and luls in response (instead I got boring level-headed responses)”

    Sorry, I’ll try to be more irrational next time.

    TJ got it right, though…08th MS Team easily trumps the original Gundam series. MSG was fun back in the day, when I could tolerate shit animation, corny dialogue, annoying characters, and lame mecha battles…but now? It’s not even worth a re-watch. Many new mecha anime have come and surpassed it. The 08th MS Team being one of them.

    Oh, and G-Gundam is a show for frickin’ retards. You can try flaunting how it’s supposedly “manly”, but in the end: It’s for retards. What’s even more pathetic is the people needing to watch these shows to convince themselves what a tough guy they are.

  4. Pear says:

    Uh… That’s kind of an extremist view in itself. Maybe we’ll just leave it at this? That you’re a traditionalist and others might be more modern or progressive or liberal in a sense? (I sense contention over the connotations; but try to ignore for them for this, yes?)

    (Personally I’m not exactly a fan of any Gundam, since none of them feature Kawasumi Ayako. But that’s just me. XD)

  5. Excellent rant. I dare say I have not seen such virulent hatred thrown around in a long time. I applaud you.

    I do admit, I’m not much of a Gundam fan, period. The furthest I’ve seen in any Gundam series is G-Gundam, which I am watching through and do enjoy for reasons of awesome, but currently have it on hold because frankly there are better things to watch. Heck, up until Gurren Lagann, the only mecha series I liked at all were Full Metal Panic and Martian Successor Nadesico, mostly for reasons outside the mecha portion. Gurren Lagann was sort of an entry drug into Super Robot for me, which I’ve found is generally better in every way to Real Robot series. Mostly for the reason of “manly” that you cite.

    That said, your opinion of the original Gundam universe (of which I’ve seen nothing) shares alot in common with many of my older anime-viewing friends. I’m starting to think I should get around to seeing that.

  6. manga says:

    Still, better than the first, since this time you go for the show and not the viewers, most of the time anyway.

    Nothing more to say, read my earlier comment on the whole thing.

  7. Mac (Kyuusai) says:

    Really? Really?

    Not to offend, but it’s a bit ironic (hypocritical?) that you’re tossing epithets questioning the manliness of the anime blogging community when you just whined that a) a show doesn’t meet your expectations and b) that you’re offended that other people might like this show. That’s not manly!

    Glass houses, and all…

  8. digitalboy says:

    lol, insulting people who like shoujo and one of your favorite shows of all time is CARDCAPTORS SAKURA. Come on man.

    I happen to be in the middle of a G-L marathon and BURNING with manly passion, and I always watch shows like this with as much line-spewing-fist-lunging-MDew-chugging hyperactivity as possible. I watched SoulTaker shooting my fist out and screaming LIGHTNING BREAKER! every time he used the attack. I howled along with the manly op and then listened to http://www.myspace.com/fallentoruin between eps while posting (manly band, lets put it that way). The man in my soul screams and burns with passion.

    However, I’m fine with turning around and watching Shugo Chara and having fun there. i know you understand this sentiment, cuz YOU LOVE CCS.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen the UC Gundam, but I know that Seed, Wing, 00 all suck total balls. Worst crap I’ve ever had to sit through and I never understand how anyone can like it. I have seen 0083 though and that was great and so was Char’s Counterattack, so i’d really like to give UC a try at some point. It’s just so freakin long…

  9. roast-beefy says:

    >I haven’t seen the UC Gundam…I have seen 0083 though and that was great and so was Char’s Counterattack

    Something wrong here.

  10. digitalboy says:

    mind you, I didn’t think the story is CC was so great, but there’s just some ‘yes!’ moments that make it a good memory (saw it 4 years ago and all) particularly when a random guy screams HAIL NEO ZEON and blows himself up and you see limbs flying. Good ol fun.

  11. roast-beefy says:

    I was just talking about the fact that you said you hadn’t seen any UC and then said you’d seen CCA and 0083.
    Oh, nevermind.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    >>Excellent rant. I dare say I have not seen such virulent hatred thrown around in a long time. I applaud you.

  14. BrendantheJedi says:

    The reason you get “pussy level headed response” is that you when a person posts with a name they are too concerned with what their image. If you brought your post to 4chan /m/ they’d tell you what they think with no reservations, except they’d probably agree with you.

  15. Ashley says:

    I usually like to keep my mouth shut whenever I come across someone who pisses me off beyond reason online, but if I have to scroll through 50 million of your little Deadjournal-esque bitch rants every time I go to AnimeNano I may just have shoot myself in the vagina.

    You think that just because you can spell the word, “manliness” that you’re free to toss it around as you please.

    You’re a fucking 19 yr. old male whose favorite show revolves around a ten year old girl playing dress up with a fucking magical stuffed animal.

    You’re obviously too pussy to go pick up real women so you have to resort to fantasizing over prepubescent girls. I mean, the 18 and over crowd are all a bunch of worthless, stupid bitches because they don’t want to willingly spread their legs for a catch like you? Might as well stick to those Pre-K babes by the McDonald’s ball pit and slowly work yourself up to asking Susie to the 6th grade social.

    Then again, you’re probably too shitless to make an effort to talk to any upright, living thing with a vage.

    Also, please consider the fact that you spend over a hundred dollars on fucking pillowcases that end up as glorified semen deposit boxes before you go calling anyone else a moron. Surprisingly, some men prefer the soft, pillowy warmth of another human being’s chest to a flat expanse of 50/50 polyester-cotton blend. Well, at least she’ll never be able to tell you that your dick’s pathetic and you whine like a bitch during orgasm.

    In short, I’ve probably plucked more hair from my eyebrows in the past week than you have been able to grow on your sac during your entire lifetime. Please kindly slam your cock in a car door next time you open your mouth and try to extol the virtues of manliness.

    PS-If I wanted to see shitty art, I’d hand Michael J. Fox a crayon and tell him to go at it.

  16. Sagacious C says:

    Holy. Shit.

    Ashley…that was awesome.

  17. TheBigN says:

    lol FLAME ON!

    I’m surprised at how seriously people are responding to this.

  18. Z says:

    Instead of watching Gundam you should be watching this.


    The longest running oav series in history, with the largest voice cast ever of any production. If you’re looking for something manly, epic and human than LoGH is what you’re looking for. GGG, Gurren Lagann and even Gundam seem small compared to the epic scope of this series.

  19. roast-beefy says:

    lol @ ashley.

    This bitch makes it all worth it.

  20. Hinano says:

    ROFLMAO ASHLEY. I don’t care about Gundam or any of this dorama – but her comment made LOL to no end ;D!

  21. Tyrenol says:

    WildArmsHeero is right.

    Basically most of the anime fanbase consist of “faggots.” Not the “gays and lesbians,” per say; but the spineless punks who are too weak to even be creative enough to use a nickname.

    I’ve been asking: “Where are all the story-tellers? Where are all the people who made stories about young (and good-looking) guys who have the balls to defend their own balls?” Did everything ended with Ranma Saotome getting kicked in the balls? Will America be eternally doomed to be the dumping ground for shows about faggoty male leads being surrounded by people way cooler than him?

    I always thought that Tomino’s Gundam was way better than Fukuda/Morosawa’s otaku-piss version of Gundam anyway.

  22. Ming Yang says:

    “…there is a distinct lack of manly passion in anime fans these days.”
    The word ‘manly’ in this sentence makes me laugh. Anyway, it seems like you like Code Geass. In my opinion, Code Geass isn’t that much different from G00. Loli girls? Check. Pretty boys who whine? Check.

    @ Ashley, that was splendid.

  23. Code Geass is directed by Goro “S-CRY-ED” Taniguchi.