Dream Party 2007 Limited Edition Really? Really! Kaede-chan Nyan Nyan♪ Life Size Dakimakura Cover Review

Not just the usual LAWLS LOOK WHAT WEIRD THING I BOUGHT post. This is a proper review, somewhat influenced by Shingo’s recent review.


Anime dakimakura covers are truly wondrous things. They provide for us, the lonely otaku, companionship in the form of our favourite characters. I was sucked into these things about a year ago, when I bought my first dakimakura cover of Kaede Fuyou. The cover was a freebie that came with the game Really? Really! if you had bought it at a certain store, and featured Kaede on a bed with her clothes scattered and her bra pulled up, revealing a cute pair of breasts. I got it off Yahoo auctions for about 5000 yen. Since then, I’ve been addicted. I don’t have quite as much as certain individuals out there (the right people will know who I’m referring to) but my collection of waifu is steadily growing, with this second Kaede dakimakura being the newest member in the family.

This is probably my most expensive dakimakura cover to date. Originally retailing at 8000 yen at Dream Party, I only just managed to get away with it at a cool 15000 yen (before commission, shipping and all that stuff.) This is quite a lot to pay for a pillow cover, but considering some A-Boys were trying to push 20000 yen for this thing, I think I got pretty lucky. But, the real question here is, “is it worth the money?” I’d say so.

I’ll start by addressing the size first. This is about your normal sized dakimakura cover, clocking in at 1600mm×500mm (according to the Navel official site.) It certainly is “life sized”, but I don’t think the image on it is exactly 1:1, but that’s rarely the case with these things I find. That’s not really a problem, since she’s printed big enough for you to do your business with (hugging, of course (´・ω・`)) and the size allows for the pillow to be easily hugable. My previous Kaede dakimakura was actually 1:1 scale, however given its size, it was really difficult to hug (and at 1:1 scale, the true use of these things becomes painfully obvious.) While that one was nice to just lay on this one works well as an over-sized stuffed toy for one to embrace as drifting peacefully off to sleep.

Aoi Nishimata, Kaede’s original designer did the illustration for this cover, as she does with almost all these kinds of items it seems. Compared to my other cover, this one truly has the better artwork. While unfortunately not ero, Nishimata is in top form here. She gets the proportions down splendidly on each side, and the design work for each outfit is just too cute. One side features Kaede in Neko Mimi Mode, complete with cat ears and tail wearing cute red, frilly underwear along with absolutely lovely red stockings that go just above the knees. And to top it all off, she’s wearing Ruby Red Shoes. The face on this side is a cutely executed with a smile, which overflows with the warmth and kindness highlighted by the prominent blush and small details on the lips. The other side seems like a better attempt what Nishimata tried in the earlier cover. Kaede is once again in her winter school uniform, with her shirt unbuttoned and skirt pulled down showing off her light blue bra and side-tie panties. Her face on this side is probably the best part. The mixture of the longing eyes, slightly opened mouth and blush just really makes it look like the girl wants it. While not an all out fuck face, it works well when you’re doing what your doing. Especially compared the expression the other Kaede pillow, which was just her kind of looking to the side, this one is a lot more effective.

I couldn’t tell you what this is made off, but it seems to be well made and durable. Feels nice to rub your body against, and a suppose that’s the important part.

Overall, I’d say this is an extremely well done dakimakura cover. Unfortunately, given the nature of the item, it’s rather difficult to acquire. If you happen to see it lurking around yahoo auctions, and for a decent price, go for it if you’re a Kaede fan like myself. You won’t be disappointed.


The guy threw in the bag, too. I have no idea what I’m going to use this for…