Comic Site Rant: Be Forever Yamato

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A simple one this week, and there’s going to be another simple one next week. Reason being I want to focus on doing some non-comic art for a bit. fun start soon now is always neglected, and I want to flesh it out with some pictures. I always get ideas, but I never find to time to put them to paper past very rough planning sketches. As you can see, I just updated the art site with some (slightly NSFW) Halloween-themed art. There’s also a wallpaper of it.

I just finished Yamato 2, and overall I felt it was a big step above the previous series. The only real bad parts were how near the beginning the Yamato was just owning entire battleships with one shot (lol, Jesus Yamato) and the ending. By the end it seems they wanted to stick as close as possible to the end of the movie version, just with less people dying. Because of this, they kind of write themselves into a corner, then bring out a magical Deux Ex Machina to save the day. I came to like Dessler a lot more in this series. He seemed kind of lame in the first one, but he really came into his own as a True Anime Badass in this one, truly deserving of this song. Now, all I have to do is finish Rocket Girls, then move on to Yamamoto Yoko, and then finally finish off Planetes. After that, I think I would have had enough of spaceships, so I think I’ll move on to re-watching some old sexy comedies. HiMM and Shuffle! are far overdue for a good re-watch…

That’s it for this week. Catch you guys again later.