Comic Site Rant: 天元突破グレンラガン!!俺達を誰だと思ってやがる?!

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I used a tablet to make the backgrounds in this comic. I only just found out my school lets me borrow them for 24 hours, at the low, low price of my ID. While I’m not super good at it now, it was nice and easy to use. Probably faster than using a mouse, too. I think the drawing surface would benefit from having some degree of friction. Anyone know if they make tablets like that? I may need to get one of these. For the mean time though I’ll keep renting them out of the library.

God, Geneon going down feels like such old news now. Well, people are still talking about it, so I guess wasn’t too late to the boat. Gurren Lagann end and School Days end comics coming soon.

The fall season has started, but it sure doesn’t feel like that to me. As far as I’m concerned, the new season doesn’t start until either Genshiken 2 or Kodomo no Jikan start. That said, I’ve seen Dragonaut and have a sub of Clannad on deck. I’ve only seen Dragonaut raw so far. It’s ok. The story and stuff seems to be awfully cliche, but the animation is of a high standard (if not a bit bland.) The main draw from me is the character design. While I don’t really like well-endowed girls (Kotonoha is about as big as I go) Uno Makoto just does them so well. It also helps that this hot onee-san is voiced by mai waifu :3. I was going to hold off for the 16:9 airing of Clannad, but then I’ll miss all the discussion. Why can’t it air in 16:9 right of the bat? Fucking pan and scan

Gurren Lagann recently ended, and it was fucking incredible. I’m kind of the midst of writing a review which may not ever see the light of day. Also working on a post that’ll briefly talk about the ends of Darker Than Black, Zero no Tsukaima and Gurren Lagann, once I’m done shopping this image I need for it. But yeah, if you didn’t like Gurren Lagann you’re not a man. Or something. That was a manly ending.

Alright, I gotta return this tablet before they beat me to death. I’ll catch you wackos later.